Saturday, June 4, 2011

Silvia Maria Correia Ramos Batista 1/3 Statements


Volume II

Pages 355 - 356

Silvia Maria Correia Ramos Batista

Date/Time: 2007/05/07 11H20
Maintenance Services Director

Concerning the issue of the process said:

. That she works at the Ocean Club since 03/03/1996, having exercised this time in the function of receptionist—for around one year and a half, Reception Manager—for around three years and since this year to the present date, Director of Maintenance Services;

. That the function of Director of Maintenance and Services she is responsible , in the area of services the hiring of people, and in the area of maintenance is responsible for the admission of employees and for the good functioning of all the machinery that composes the Ocean Club, principally, in the apartments, pools, gardens, fending, etc;

. As concerns the admission of employees, this is done in the traditional way, or is, when the need for an employee is determined in an area, the situation is commented on between the various people responsible and the rest of employees;

. Generally, it is an existing employee or other who indicates that they know of someone, in the majority of cases, resident in Lagos;

. In whatever the case, there is always a labour contract made with the employee, for a minimum of six months, and a file exists of said employee which contains identification details of said person and information regarding previous professional practices;

. An exception is made when a business in contracted to carry out a service and whose business is responsible for the employees, those being in the meanwhile accompanied by that who is responsible for works and maintenance, Mister Joao Carlos Silva Batista;

. She is aware of that which occurred in the Ocean Club resort and is aware of the disappearance of the child, around 22H30 on the 03 of May, 2007, following a telephone call from her Administrator George Robin Crossland;

. She immediately went to the Ocean Club resort, and already there were the GNR, and a search was immediately carried out throughout the resort with e search being carried out by many residents and employees of the Ocean Club;
. That on the date 03/05/07, her workday began at 09H30, having entered in the Ocean Club, through the Club Zone, having walked around the pool area and prior to that the other pools;

. At around 13H00, she went to lunch in Lagos, together with her husband, Mister Joao Carlos Silva Batista, and returned around 14H30;

. That around 18H00 she left the Ocean Club resort, having returned to the same, as a result of the circumstances already described, at around 23H00;
. That during the day 03/05/07 she did not detect nothing abnormal or different on this day;

. That she also was not told of any abnormal situation which happened;

. That after the happenings and in conversation with the rest of the employees and Ocean Club management, nothing was related to her or commented upon regarding the situation that was abnormal, namely the presence of strange people in the resort;

. That the Ocean Club resort does not have a CCTV system, nor policing of the resort district;

. And nothing further was said. Having read the statement, she finds it in conformity and signs it;

. The document is duly signed by me, Helder Carmo, an Inspector with this Polícia Judiciária.