Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Personal Opinion.

This is a personal opinion from my husband on the McCann Affair.




From the early days when we have heard of the disappearance of little Madeleine (aged 3), we began to see a professional portfolio presented to the public as an innocent young girl.

I could not but notice the published photographs of Madeleine to be somehow provocative in a sexual manner. No normal parent would subject their child to such extremes no matter what, unless they are the promoters of some pervert plot involving Madeleine.

Further witness testimony confirms my suspicion that this fact is also known amongst the McCann group. (David Payne!)

For our Government (Tony Blair, Gordon Brown et al) to react in such a manner that involved the British Ambassador in Portugal, the whole media. Clarence Mitchell (X Government Media Monitoring Unit) was ordered by the Foreign Office to go to Portugal to assist the McCann.

Gordon Brown used his position as PM to influence Socrates, his counterpart in Portugal to influence the PJ in the investigation.

Then (PM Gordon Brown) to pull the forensic report from being published! And begin an extensive cover-up will only confirm the possible existence of a paedophile ring very high up in our Government, to justify all this secrecy.

Furthermore, the clever manipulation of the McCanns towards the British   Government in this case only proves that there are secrets known to the McCanns that can be used to discredit those individuals involved.

I believe that the British Public should be aware that the McCanns have in their power to hold our government for ransom.

This is a work in progress....