Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paulo Rebelo: Couple wanted to change their statements.

Correio da Manhã 8.11.07

Maddie: Two of the McCanns' friends want to change their statements
Contradicted version

Russell O'Brien, the English friend of the McCann couple, never asked for the cleaning services of the Ocean Club in order to change the bedsheets which, according to him, his daughter would have vomited upon because she was sick, half an hour before the alert was given about Madeleine's disappearance.

Russell told the Policia Judiciaria, during his first interrogation, in May, that he left the Tapas restaurant and checked the child at 9.30. He stayed in the room for approximately half an hour because the child was sick, and asked for the bedsheets to be changed.

But a source at the Ocean Club guaranteed to CM that "no person in that group requested any cleaning service, neither during that evening nor on the following days".

Still according to the same source, "the cleaning staff never saw beds that had been vomited upon, and none of the English guests spoke to them about it".

This is one of the main contradictions that are intriguing the PJ and which the team lead by Paulo Rebelo wants to see clarified, at a time when two friends of the McCann couple showed their availability to give new statements in order to "correct" some declarations, as reported by Spanish newspaper 'El Mundo'. The two English citizens asked for their identity to remain undisclosed, "in order to avoid possible pressure from the McCann family".

This change in attitude appears after the revelation of the possibility that some people of the group that spent their holidays in the Algarve might become arguidos, precisely over the fact that they gave false statements. The McCanns spent their holidays at the Ocean Club with 12 other persons (three families), among which they say exists a strong friendship. The police crossed their statements and found several contradictions.

Russell is married to Jane Tanner, with whom he has two children, and she is a key witness in the case, as she says she saw a suspicious man carrying a child at 9.10 p.m. of May 3.

At that time, Gerry, Maddie's father, was standing on the same street, talking to an acquaintance, Jeremy. Both deny having seen Jane or the suspect. In the group were also the couples Fiona and David Payne, with two children, and Rachel and Matthew Oldfield, with one daughter. The oldest element of the group was Dianne Webster, aged 63, the only person who said that each couple was responsible for checking on their own children, and did not enter their friends' apartments.