Friday, May 27, 2011

Reports on the death of Madeleine before FSS results were switched, pulled, removed ?

"An early forensic report is alleged to have mentioned a certain blood spray ... commensurate with a certain type of broken larynx ... some DNA samples found related to cerebal fluids indicates a broken neck or fracture skull". Also "Sousa himself told of this very fine mist of spray that was found in the apartment".

This live report was made outside the Police Station at the time Kate McCann was being interviewed, therefore, she must have been presented with the FSS results.
This information was released only once that night - BBC 6 o'clock news.


What I REALLY want the Met’s finest to do is ask Kate McCann exactly WHAT it was that was shown to Kate at her interview. As the final report clearly states:

“Kate Healy was not immediately made an arguida, but merely interviewed voluntarily as a witness. Only after her interview was she made an arguida, that is, after she was confronted with concrete facts that might lead to her incrimination”

 “...concrete facts that might lead to her incrimination” ???

The McCann affair needs a full public inquiry and Gordon Brown who was then  Prime Minister needs to be asked , just how far did he go to protect his friends the McCanns !