Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Irreplaceable Maddy photos stolen from father

They cannot seem to get their stories straight regarding the images of Madeleine. Jon Corner claims they were old photos taken when in Amsterdam  before the twins were born. Aunt Phil claims one is of Madeleine and the other of the twins (WENS) misquote. The other taken of Madeleine recently in church !

One picture is said to show Madeleine at 15-months-old while the other was taken in church more recently.

Susan Healey, the mother of Mrs McCann, said it was "yet another kick in the teeth".

She added: “It contained precious photographs which have now been lost forever.”

Philomena McCann, his sister, said that after all the goodwill directed towards Mr McCann and his family in Portugal, the theft in London was a "demoralising" sign of the times.

She explained that Mr McCann, who is due to return to Portugal tonight, had taken £100 out of an ATM and had the wallet snatched from his back pocket.
The 48-year-old teacher from Glasgow said: "There were two pictures, special ones that Gerry always kept with him, showing Madeleine and the wens. They were his favourites, really treasured pictures. They are irreplaceable.
"He bent down to put something in his rucksack and some dirty animal had the wallet out of his back pocket.

"We don’t care about the money, but we do care about getting the pictures back."

She added: "How can you do that to someone who’s been through what he has? He’s already demoralised enough and to be put on the back foot like this, you can’t believe some people can stoop so low.