Saturday, June 11, 2011

My wife is innocent....

Gerry McCann could not work it out , the apartment had been cleaned thoroughly, as he has repeatedly stated 'there is no evidence'... he had made sure of it.....Madeleines toothbrush disposed of so no traces of drugs could be found....and yet the cadaver dogs were called in, WHY?....McCann was in England and Kate taken in by the good looking Ricardo made a late night call after a bottle of wine, distressed she told him she had had a 'dream' of Madeleine, her body buried on a hill.......The 'dream' changed the whole investigation and cadaver dogs were brought in.

Not until the day, while seated in a Lisbon court ,did the truth hit McCann right between the eyes, his wife had betrayed them both. In her drunken stupor she had phoned her friend Ricardo to confess where she thought the remains of Madeleine could be found OR where she had been told the remains of Madeleine had been buried BUT by whom ? by someone who knew she could not be trusted....and they were right !