Sunday, June 5, 2011

McCanns: children were not alone in apartment on evening of 3rd May - are the 'Tapas 9' a paedophile ring?

We read that 'Police believe that Madeleine and her twin brother and sister may not have been alone in the McCann holiday apartment, but that the children of seven British friends who were on holiday with the McCanns were also present when Madeleine disappeared'

The 'Tapas 9' has claimed that their children were in their own apartments and that they made checks on their own children and those of their friends during the evening.

Are the Portuguese, with the appointment of the new head of the case Paulo Rebelo (who made his name in the investigation into Portugal’s most notorious paedophile ring) now looking at the 'Tapas 9' as a paedophile ring themselves ?

  • 4 years ago

Additional Details

Toi-et-Moi - If the McCanns children were not the only kids in that flat and Tanner and O'Brien lied about their kid being sick, and their kids were in with the McCanns , and the men took in in turn to 'check on the kids' something is seriously wrong here.
4 years ago

All - the Portuguese have not appointed their top paedo hunter to case for nothing... its starting to fit.
4 years ago

Jack - I know and the McFanns will get it taken off. But something is happening with this case and we may be bout to see the McCann bubble burst.
4 years ago

Tab - no they did not use babysitters they 'used' (or said they did) Baby monitors (those things that if your baby cries you can hear them)
4 years ago