Friday, June 3, 2011

Danny Collins: Madeleine the wanderer !

I have just picked this up from another forum posted on MCF. Now I believe McCann mentioned something about Madeleine wandering off the evening before in his arguido statement, will check.

Kellie Howe:

I just heard a radio interview on iTunes with Danny Collins and he said that during the week in Portugal it is proven that Madeleine wondered out of the apartment a few times that week, in fact she was known for wondering out of the apartment and hiding in the gardens around Praia De Luz.

In a further twist, locals now claim that Madeleine did not always settle well. One evening they allege she ran away into the paths between the apartments, hiding for half an hour when it was time for bed.

McCanns statement May 10th he confirms Madeleine ran off by herself

That, between Monday and Wednesday, not knowing the precise date, when they were leaving the residence through the main door, to place the children in the respective crèches, MADELEINE left running to the left, to the extreme opposite of the residential blocks where they were lodged, playing with the twins. That they walked down next to the most remote end of one of those blocks, not knowing exactly which one, and the three children got into one of the gardens at the back. Then they walked down the inside alley at the back, next to the hedges, up to the street that led to the secondary reception.

Gerry has included the twins in his scenario but in reality from what witnessess claim to have seen, Madeleines was alone when she ran off.
Obviously they do not want this information out there as they have claimed Madeleine would not wander off by herself and this would harm their fabricated abduction...