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#McCann :Madeleine: DNA 'evidence' in a bin bag

The rubbish bag is interesting as Kate mentioned ' a black bag '  in her book, a witness she claims saw her and McCann acting suspiciously with a black bag !...NOW, this is not in the files and no one knows what Kate is talking about ! so it could be that the McCanns saw someone while they were moving a black bag but this 'witness' lucky for them did not report it .

Yes , great shame the police did not get to search the house in Rothley as I too believe the answer sits right on a mantle shelf as to the whereabouts of Maddie McCann !

Last updated at 09:35 20 September 2007

DNA 'evidence' in the case against the McCanns could have come from leaking rubbish bags, it was claimed last night.

Friends of the couple say they routinely used their hired Renault Scenic to ferry bin bags from their home to the rubbish collection point.

One friend said bags could easily have split, spilling fluids from nappies or waste food into the car.

Portuguese police claim to have found 'bodily fluids' containing Madeleine's DNA in the vehicle.

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The friend said: "When the McCanns got to their villa there were not any proper dustbins there and they had to take the household waste to a communal disposal area.

"The site was about half a mile away and the McCanns drove the rubbish in the car.

"The vehicle was used as a rubbish lorry for the family, so there could potentially have been contamination from the bags.

"Who's to say that the nappy bag didn't leak and leave the twins' DNA somewhere?"

The evidence of bodily fluids in the Renault constitutes a key plank of the Portuguese case against the McCanns.
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Madeleine McCann Madeleine McCann just hours before she went missing on 3 May
Meanwhile Portuguese detectives have taken a step closer to being able to search the McCann family home.

Policia Judiciaria detectives believe something inside the Leicestershire house could yield a vital clue and have sought approval from the judge in the case to ask British officers to carry out the raid.

Yesterday Judge Pedro Miguel dos Anjos Frias agreed to the request.

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#McCann :'British police are bugging our phone calls and emails'

A perfect example that the McCanns believe they are above the law. Of course the police would try and catch them after their blatant lies. A couple of slippery eels with good contacts were about to get away with the crime of the century..hell they did get away with the crime of the century !

Last updated at 12:14 20 September 2007

Kate and Gerry McCann are convinced they are being bugged by British police.

They believe their mobile phone calls and emails are being monitored by detectives collecting evidence on behalf of the Portuguese investigation.

As a result they and some of their friends and supporters go to great lengths to avoid being overheard when they are discussing sensitive issues in the case of missing Madeleine, meetforing face-to-face or talking on landlines which they believe to be harder to intercept.

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Kate and Gerry Surveillance targets? Gerry and Kate McCann, pictured yesterday, are being ultra cautious about their conversations, say friends
Their suspicions were first aroused by questions they were asked by Portuguese police which were based on information that could only have come from private conversations.

During lengthy interviews when they were first made suspects, they were asked questions which implied they had conspired during mobile phone conversations to hide who was at the dinner party - and when - on the night that Madeleine disappeared.

They are also thought to have been asked why the toddler's Cuddle Cat toy was washed twice - information that could well have come from surveillance of phone calls.

Although the couple have been back home in Rothley, Leicestershire, for 12 days, they fear the practice is continuing. A source close to the family said:

"The assumption is that it is taking place. Everyone involved is very careful, particularly with their mobile phone calls and what they say.

"There was an assumption from the early days that their mobile communications were unsafe and could be listened to.

"They believed it in Portugal and they believe that is still happening now that they are back home.

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Madeleine McCann Madeleine McCann: Missing since May 3rd
"Gerry will often refuse to talk on a mobile phone - he prefers to use landlines as he considers that they are safer. They feel they are being watched at all times."

The source added: "It would be entirely wrong to say that their phone conversations are in any way furtive as a result of this.

"They are entirely innocent and have nothing whatsoever to hide - but they are being understandably cautious about what they say on the phone and in emails.

"They would obviously not want to disclose the way in which they plan to conduct their defence."
Leicestershire police yesterday refused to comment on the allegation.

But a senior police source said: "It is highly likely to be happening. There would need to be high-level meetings before anything like this could be done.

"But if I were someone in Government I would have got it done anyway to make sure that we knew as much as possible, given that the case involves UK citizens."

Dr Russell O'Brien and Jane Tanner, who were both on holiday with the McCanns, have spoken to friends of their belief that their phones were tapped in Portugal.

Portuguese detectives have reportedly admitted monitoring the emails of Robert Murat, the British expat in Praia da Luz who became the first suspect in the case.

However, this is the first time that anyone involved in the case has claimed the practice is taking place in Britain. A spokesman for the McCanns refused to comment.

? Police fitted a tracking device to the McCanns' hire car, it was claimed last night, to monitor their precise movements in the days after they came under suspicion.

A gadget the size of a wallet is capable of transmitting a signal to satellites - like a Sat Nav system in reverse - enabling police to watch where the couple go.

It is claimed the device was installed in the Renault Scenic during the 48 hours the police had the car in early August to gather forensic samples. It could have been placed in the boot or attached using a magnet under the bonnet.

It explains why detectives returned the hire car to the McCanns after their tests rather than impounding it.

"The police are not fools - they did not give the car back without reason," said a Portuguese source with knowledge of the investigation.

"They wanted to see where it would go and would have used a tracking device."

? Portuguese detectives have taken a step closer to being able to search the McCann family home.

Policia Judiciaria detectives believe something inside the Leicestershire house could yield a vital clue and have sought approval from the judge in the case to ask British officers to carry out the raid.

Yesterday Judge Pedro Miguel dos Anjos Frias agreed to the request.

• Portuguese police would have needed to apply directly to the Home Office for permission to bug a UK citizen's telephone or emails.

They would have filed a Mutual Legal Assistance request, which is the only formal way for a foreign police force to obtain evidence from another country.

Providing that the request is legal under UK law - the relevant law in this case would have been the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act - the request would then be passed to the Home Secretary for final approval.

British police would also need Home Office permission to carry out telephone and computer taps.

Between January 2005 and March last year, the Home Office approved 440,000 requests for permission to intercept personal communications.

Most of these would be seeking telephone numbers one particular phone has called. Only a very small proportion would have been for permission to listen in on a call or read an email.

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#McCanns insisted that there are entirely innocent explanations for the reported discovery of their daughter Madeleine's DNA in their hire car.

Kate and Gerry McCann launched a robust fightback against the Portuguese police yesterday, as their advisers tore into the case against them and insisted that there are entirely innocent explanations for the reported discovery of their daughter Madeleine's DNA in their hire car.
A source close to the couple said that traces of DNA with a match to Madeleine were found in a Renault Scenic, hired 25 days after her disappearance, simply because her belongings were transferred in the boot of the car. These included her sandals which, experts have told the McCanns, would have left traces of DNA from her sweat.

The couple will also argue that at least 30 people connected to them, including blood relatives, used the Renault Scenic before police seized it to gather forensic samples. The source said yesterday: "What people have got to ask themselves is just how many people were associated with that vehicle over a 10-week period? How many family, friends and campaign workers? How many blood relatives, how many drivers? I know of at least 30 people being associated with that vehicle in the relevant period.

"People also need to consider what was carried in that car for entirely innocent reasons. These are all areas that will provide the innocent explanations. When viewed as a whole by any rational person, these reasons at best raise fundamental questions about the reliability of any so-called evidence and at worst render it totally useless."

It is a week since Sky News broadcast a report that DNA samples with a 100 per cent match to Madeleine had been found in the boot of the Scenic. Suggestions that the match might be bodily fluids prompted a rash of speculation about decomposing bodies. But bodily fluids can include sweat or urine.

The couple's new spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, who resigned his position at the Cabinet Office's media monitoring unit to take up work for them in Leicestershire, said any suggestion the McCanns had harmed their daughter was "as ludicrous as it is nonsensical". Standing beside the couple in the driveway of their home in Rothley, Leicestershire, he said the suggestion would "be laughable if it wasn't so serious".

The McCanns' new-found public confidence stems from the team they are quietly building to counter the unsourced allegations coming out of Portugal. The couple spent Friday and Saturday in consultation with their lawyers from Kingsley Napley and by Sunday were already insisting that the scent of death picked up by sniffer dogs was a legally discredited line of inquiry. Mr Mitchell is also believed to be involved in the process of monitoring claims about them from Portugal.

Mr Mitchell was initially seconded from the Cabinet Office to assist the McCanns, but he said his re-employment, after an approach supported by the couple's legal team and financial backers, meant that continuing to work for the Civil Service was "untenable" and so he had resigned.

"I have done so because I feel so strongly that they are innocent victims of a heinous crime that I am prepared to forgo my career in government service to assist them," he said. "I wish to stress that from now on I am in no way speaking on behalf of the British Government."

Mr Mitchell said the McCanns were happy to continue their co-operation with the Portuguese authorities to establish what has happened to Madeleine. "The focus must now move away from the rampant, unfounded and inaccurate speculation of recent days, to return to the child at the very centre of this, Madeleine," he said. He also said the family wanted to stop people photographing and filming the McCanns' two-year-old twins, Sean and Amelie.

The twins did not seem to have been affected by Madeleine's disappearance, Mr Mitchell said. "They are very happy being at home. Mum and dad are constantly talking to them about Madeleine," he added. "It's not as if there's any secrecy. They are surrounded by her toys, books and pictures. They [Mr and Mrs McCann] make it clear, if they ask where she is, that she's not here at the moment."

The campaign's key figures

Gerry McCann
Mr McCann has assiduously nurtured contacts among national newspaper editors to counteract the stories emanating from Portugal. He is believed to have telephoned the News of the World's editor, Colin Myler, shortly before he was declared an arguido (suspect), to tell his side of the story, and it was a direct call by Mr McCann to Rebekah Wade last week that resulted in a Sun splash and inside headline: 'There's no proof.' By contrast, the day before the paper ran with the headline: 'Guilty or Innocent?'

Clarence Mitchell
The McCanns' communication operation was at its best when the former BBC News presenter was seconded for a month to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to replace the former Daily Mirror journalist and long-serving government spokeswoman Sheree Dodd in May. His decision to resign on Monday as head of the Government's media monitoring unit and return to the fray, replacing Justine McGuinness, has already helped the McCanns begin their fightback against innuendos in the Portuguese press. Calm and erudite, it was Mr Mitchell who briefed on Sunday that US case law might help shoot down 'evidence' that sniffer dogs had 'smelled death' in the McCanns' apartment.

John McCann
Gerry McCann's brother, a pharmaceutical sales rep, is a director and trustee of the Find Madeleine Appeal Fund, but has also been the family's calm, public face, who toured television studios on Saturday to reassert his brother and sister-in-law's innocence. His sister, Philomena, has had a higher profile, visiting the Scottish Parliament to discuss the case and speaking live to rolling news channels, but the family values John McCann's less emotional output.

Angus McBride
He, rather than his colleague Michael Caplan QC, seems to be taking a leading role in the case at Kingsley Napley, the London law firm recently appointed by the McCanns. Mr McBride toured many national newspaper offices with Justine McGuinness last week and, though he has not made any public statements, he is believed to have been behind the challenge to the sniffer dog 'evidence'. He defended the actor Chris Langham, who was recently sentenced for child pornography offences.

Carlos Pinto de Abreu
The McCanns' Portuguese lawyer is based in London and, after a brilliant academic career, is one of Portugal's most celebrated legal men, with a direct line to the country's Attorney General by virtue of their work together on human rights issues. Mr De Abreu's services have been put at £200 an hour but he is a vital source of clarity, explaining publicly last week that the McCanns' initial belief that they were offered a plea bargain was flawed.

Diaries :McCanns facing fresh slurs from Portuguese press over Kate's diaries

Last updated at 20:48 13 September 2007

Portuguese newspapers are claiming to have seen Kate McCann's diary and have published what they say are extracts.

Kate is alleged to have moaned about her missing daughter in her diary and the lack of help she gets from her husband with domestic chores and bringing up their three kids.

Portuguese tabloid Correio da Manha headlined its front page today: "Kate insults her children in her diary." It claimed on an inside page: "She complains frequently that her children are 'hysterical' and speaks of Madeleine as a child whose excess activity exhausts her.

"She tells also how Gerry doesn't help her with the family chores and that she has to cope alone with her two youngest children."

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Publico, a daily newspaper with a more serious reputation, also claimed Kate's worries about her children's behaviour and her difficulties disciplining them were contained in the diary.
Police are said to have made photocopies public prosecutors have already handed over to an investigating judge.

Thirty-eight-year-old Pedro dos Anjos Frios, the judge set to decide whether the McCanns should be prosecuted, has been asked to admit them as evidence so an eventual case against the couple does not fall down on a technicality.

Kate McCann's sister-in-law has described moves by the Portuguese authorities to examine Kate McCann's private diary are "just another way to stick the knife in".

Kate was frequently seen writing her journal in private moments after Madeleine went missing from the family's holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz 133 days ago.

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Philomena McCann Philomena McCann, Gerry's sister, said she advised her sister-in-law to keep the diary to show Madeleine how much they loved her
Philomena McCann, Gerry's sister, said she advised her sister-in-law to keep the diary to show Madeleine how much they loved her.

She said: "I asked Kate to keep this journal because at first the Portuguese police were doing very little.

"A lot of the things that happened were only because of the family contacting the media.

"So I said to Kate that it would be a good idea if someone wrote down, for Madeleine, notes on everything that was happening, because we have to prove to Madeleine how much we looked for her and how much we love her.

"That wee girl will be thinking, 'They're not looking for me. My mummy, daddy and my aunties - they don't love me because they can't find me'.

"I was just thinking about how insecure Madeleine would be, so Kate has been keeping that journal faithfully every day.

"She's been writing down everything that we've been doing so we can prove to Madeleine that we have worked so hard to try and find her, that we've put our lives on hold to search for her and show our love for her is unending."

Ms McCann questioned why the Portuguese authorities wanted the diary now, saying: "God knows what they are expecting to find.

"And why didn't they ask for it before? It's just another way to stick the knife in."

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Leveson Inquiry: Kate McCann felt 'mentally raped' after NOTW published private diary

Kate McCann was left feeling “mentally raped” after the News of the World published the private diary she had been keeping for her missing daughter, the Leveson inquiry into press standards heard yesterday.

Kate McCann and her missing daughter Madeleine
Kate McCann and her missing daughter Madeleine Photo: Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images
The journal she kept after three-year-old Madeleine disappeared from a holiday apartment in Portugal in 2007 was so confidential that even her husband had not read it. The diary was seized by the Portuguese police as part of their investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine, but the inquiry was told that in September 2008 the News of the World published the journal under the headline: “Kate’s Diary: In Her Own Words.”
David Sherborne, the lawyer representing the McCanns along with 50 other victims of alleged press intrusion, said the experience left the family feeling violated.
“How did the News of the World get this from the police? We may never know now,” he said. “The publication of this material with a picture on the front page suggesting she had provided this herself left her feeling mentally raped, her husband says, and is it any wonder?”
On the third day of the public inquiry, Mr Sherborne made a searing attack on the tabloid press in Britain. He told the inquiry that phone hacking at the News of the World was more like an “industrial revolution” than the “cottage industry” that had been suggested previously by Robert Jay QC, counsel for the inquiry.
But he said the hearings were about more than just the illegal interception of voicemails. He said his clients would paint a vivid picture of the “despicable” actions of some tabloid journalists, which led to a breakdown in the trust between the press and the public.
Bob and Sally Dowler
The first witnesses who will appear before the inquiry panel on Monday will be the parents of Milly Dowler, the 13 year-old murder victim.

Mr Sherborne said Bob and Sally Dowler would set out how the “despicable” actions of journalists at the News of the World raised their hopes that their daughter might have still been alive.

They are expected to describe the “euphoria” they felt when, after days of trying, they finally got through to their missing daughter’s voicemail and realised some of her messages had been deleted.

For a brief period they believed Milly, who disappeared in March 2002, was still alive.
But the messages had been deleted by Glenn Mulcaire, a private detective working for the News of the World. “Perhaps there are no words which can adequately describe how despicable this act was, but the Dowler story is just one of those you will hear,” said Mr Sherborne.

The parents were also subjected to “appalling intrusion” into their grief when they were photographed attempting to trace Milly’s final movements.

“It was a very private moment, something the couple had decided to do between themselves to try to come to terms with their teenage daughter’s disappearance,” said Mr Sherborne.
“But their moment of grief was obviously a photo opportunity too good to resist. Somehow the press found out that they were undertaking that walk on that particular day and that particular time.

“First stolen voicemail messages. Why not then steal these precious moments too? Ethically, what’s the difference?”

Sara Payne
Among the other witnesses the inquiry will hear from will be Sara Payne, whose eight-year-old daughter, Sarah, was murdered in 2000.

Mr Sherborne said Ms Payne led the News of the World’s long-running campaign to introduce anti-paedophile legislation known as Sarah’s law, but it emerged that the phone given to her by the newspaper had probably been hacked by Mulcaire.

“This was a sickening postscript, perhaps a new low amongst a wealth of lows, for a newspaper whose former glory has been so fatally befouled by its cultural dependency, it seems, on the dark arts, which sadly give journalism and journalists a bad name,” he said.

Chris Jefferies
The Leveson inquiry will also take submissions from Chris Jefferies, 65, the retired English teacher who was arrested last year after being wrongly suspected of involvement in the murder of his tenant, Joanna Yeates, in Bristol.

“It took the tabloid newspapers only a matter of moments to destroy his reputation,” said Mr Sherborne. “Mr Jefferies is an example to us all that this could happen to any one of us, celebrity or not. It was a devastating destruction of all aspects of Mr Jefferies’s life, from the professional to the most deeply personal.”

JK Rowling
The Harry Potter author, JK Rowling, is expected to describe to the inquiry her battle for privacy.

“The family have still photographers and press camped outside her house. Her young children have had notes placed in their school bag,” said Mr Sherborne.

“Pictures of them have been snatched whilst they’ve been enjoying time on holiday. She will explain the very real corrosive effect that this has had on her children.”

Charlotte Church
Mr Sherborne said Charlotte Church, the singer, would explain how her life had been blighted by the tabloid press and particularly the News of the World.

The inquiry is expected to hear how a story in 2005 detailed an affair her stepfather had been having, which had an “absolutely devastating” effect on her mother, Maria. He said the story had been obtained through phone hacking and shortly before it was published Miss Church’s mother had attempted suicide.

Mr Sherborne went on: “In an act of great sensitivity, as Ms Church will explain, following the article published, the newspaper approached her mother and persuaded her to give them an exclusive, despite her fragile condition, as part of a Faustian pact that in return they would not run a lurid follow-up story about her husband’s affair.”

Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant, the actor, is expected to tell the inquiry how Tinglan Hong, his former girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, has been subjected to harassment from photographers.

Mr Sherborne suggested that the reason was because Mr Grant had been a leading light in the campaign to expose the extent of hacking. She said someone had obtained her number and made a series of phone calls from a withheld number one evening when Mr Grant was on television talking about the closure of the News of the World, Rupert Murdoch and press standards generally.

Mr Sherborne said: “When she finally answered she was threatened in the most menacing terms, which should reverberate around this inquiry: “Tell Hugh Grant he must shut the ---- up.”
The hearing continues.

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Topic : I Think her Mother Killed Her

think her mother has killed her

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  • Melissa
    What if Madeleine was caught doing something naughty in the Hotel room, as kids do... like, pulling her brother's hair or something.

    Kate McCann, in her public appeal, to me did not look very genuine. She looked hard-faced, and even cold. As she was saying 'please don't hurt her', her face held no emotion of begging of plea. I thinks he knew as she was saying this, that none of it is happeneing anyway, because she knows what has happened to Maddie. She is already dead. Also, usually body language readers ask to have suspects make a 'plea' to the world, because they can tell a publicity stunt from the real thing. They're used too analyse how they speak, look and what they say.
    And quite frankly, I think they knew she didn't mean any of what she was saying, too.

    Maybe her mother hit her out of rage, but she hit her head hard against the wall. Kate panicked, and covered it up.

    What do you's all think?
    over a year ago

  • Zombiedolly
    Indeed,people keep saying that they are drs and pillars of the comunity lol,what about fucking Harold Shipman!!he was a GP was he not
    over a year ago

  • Dave
    i think so too. perhaps accidently, but still so. and her father knows about it too. (as well as all there friends probably).
    thankfully now they are going down for the neglect, but hopefully soon they will be found out and will BOTH go down for manslaughter.
    over a year ago

  • Raymond
    I have a 10 year old. I never leave her alone in the house & if i do, i bust my lungs running to the shop and back!! Nobody is perfect but 10 is old enough not to burn the house down in the 2 panicked mins it takes me to get to shop & back. I could NEVER go out to dinner & leave her alone!!
    So, as Dr.s, when is the only time you can rely on those in your care not getting up & walking about???? Sedated is when!!! I RECKON THEY SEDATED THEIR KIDS. Its the only way they would feel comfortable enough to go out & eat. The eldest OD'd & they covered it up to save their careers & the future if the other two kids. They would both loose their practice if it came out.
    There are perverse groups that admire this kind of calculated coldness & it is where i believe the OJ'esc support from press comes. That is what i reckon has happened!!!
    over a year ago

  • Timothy
    Occam's Razor states the most obvious solution to a problem is usually the correct one.

    Everything points to one solution.

    Below is an extract from the conclusions of the prosecutor, Jose Magalhaes e Meneses:

    'while referring to the McCanns "carelessness" in leaving their children alone, I see no evidence of wilful neglect. As for other possible crimes, while there is a "high degree of probability" of homicide, hard evidence is lacking.'

    How people, including the McCanns' themselves, interpret this as a blazing sign of their innocence really confuses me.

    They got away with it. Why don't they disappear and count themselves lucky.

    Instead, we have to tollerate them somehow becoming the voices of child protection - going before the European Parliment to call for a European-wide missing child alert system. Being preached to about child safety by the McCanns. Funny.
    over a year ago

  • Ronald
    I suspect so too... Anyway.. If Madeleine against all odds is found, I think it would be inappropiate to return her to her parents. What cunts!
    over a year ago

  • Willy
    I don't believe Kate did it, I think it's Gerry - but she's definitely involved though. I think she knows the truth, and she's trying to cover it up for him. That's maybe one of the main reasons why she always looks so cold and nervous. They're both pretty bad actors.. Oh, wait.. Actually they're not. The truth will come for a day, and justice will be served!
    over a year ago

  • Darren
    The problem is madeleines parents, so called parents know people in high places and are protected, just goes to show its not what you know its who you know. There guilty! i think everyone is beginning to see the truth now. Whenever someone gets near the truth they set there lawyer on to them. I think it was both of them that killed her maybe they took in turns giving her the medication to make her go to sleep, either way they must have known what was going on.
    over a year ago

Police to dig into Kate and Gerry McCann's past

Last updated at 06:45 15 October 2007

British detectives have been asked to investigate the backgrounds of Kate and Gerry McCann.
Police in Strathclyde are to dig into the couple's university days 20 years ago and contact former friends and colleagues from their time in Scotland, where they first met.

Detectives in Portugal hope the probe might uncover something in the McCanns' past which could shed light on the case, the Sunday Mirror reported.

Kate McCann Police are going to look into Gerry and Kate McCann's past including their university years
The request - made via Europol - was part of the root-and-branch review of the case ordered by its new head, Paulo Rebelo, and the first interviews could be carried out next week.

Strathclyde police refused to comment but a source told the newspaper: 'It's a back-to-basics check. We've been asked to trawl the backgrounds of the McCanns to build up a full picture of their lives right back to university.

'It is a full check on their lives to see exactly what type of people they are.'

Mrs McCann was nicknamed 'Hot Lips Healy' during her student days at Dundee University, according to her year book.

Madeleine McCann Madeleine McCann has been missing since May 3
Kate Healy, as she was then, was one of the most popular students in the medical department, where classmates said the Liverpudlian loved parties and trips to the pub, but still passed all her exams with ease.

Her year book entry read: 'Renowned for frequently indulging in alcoholic binges and "dance till you drop" nocturnal activities, she immediately led the rest of her fellow colleagues astray.

'Hot Lips Healy maintained a consistent Friday night appearance in the Union throughout the whole of first year.'

Mr McCann, the son of an Irish-born joiner, studied at Glasgow University and moved out of his parents' tenement flat in Govanhill to share a flat with five friends.

The couple met in Glasgow's Western Infirmary in 1992 after finishing their medical degrees, but did not begin dating until 1996. They married in Liverpool in 1998.

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Kate McCann 'renowned for alcoholic binges' at university

Last updated at 11:00 23 September 2007

Kate McCann was nicknamed 'Hot Lips Healy' during her carefree student days at Dundee University.

Kate Healy, as she was then, was 'renowned for alcoholic binges and dance till you drop nocturnal activities', according to her year book of 1992.

However friends say Kate, was one of the most popular students in the medical department and have spoke of their shock at the allegations made by the Portuguese police.

One former classmate, now a doctor, said: "Kate was great fun, always up for a laugh and a party. She was certainly more interested in going to the pub than she was in her studies.

Although she seemed to pass her exams with ease."

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Hot lips: Kate McCann in more carefree days
Her light-hearted attitude to her studies is illustrated, friends say, by the yearbook entry written by her colleagues at Dundee.

It reads: "Kate 'Scouser' Healy-chops 'ferried' over from Merseyside five years ago and rapidly became the most prominent member of the H.G. Girlies.

"Renowned for frequently indulging in alcoholic binges and 'dance till you drop' nocturnal activities, she immediately led the rest of her fellow colleagues astray.

"Hot Lips Healy maintained a consistent Friday night appearance in the Union throughout the whole of first year."

Read more: