Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Madeleine McCann 'abductor' an egg with hair !

The E-fit of a suspect that Portuguese police has showed to several potential witnesses, according to British Press [May 10 - 2007]"[…] Staff at hotels, restaurants and bars in Praia da Luz where the McCanns are staying, and nearby towns, have been shown […] a computer-generated image which looked like "an egg with hair. […]Simon Russell, 40, a half-English, half-Portuguese video store owner said yesterday that he was visited by officers who showed him a computer-generated image which looked like "an egg with hair".[…]Daily Mail [May 11 – 2007]“This bizarre sketch captures why the police investigation into the abduction of Madeleine McCann has been so savagely condemned. Officers […] have, apparently, shown a sketch like this to residents in Praia da Luz. One of them was Simon Russell, 40 […] "I smiled when they showed it to me. What else could you do?" he said. He said the sketch was so simple it was easy for him to recreate, and it is Mr Russell's drawing that is used here. He described it as looking like "an egg with a side parting". […] [Next page]

The Police E-fit that looked "like an egg":

"The image is far from the reality”

The sketch of a possible suspect, allegedly show to Simon Russel, a British living in Algarve, by officers of Portuguese CID (Polícia Judiciária – PJ) “is far from reality”, a spokesman of PJ told today to Gazeta Digital. The spokesman refused to give more details, but he was positive in his denial that anything similar or close to the e-fit drawn by memory by Mr. Simon Russel and published on the May 11 and May 10 editions of Daily Mail and ever existed.