Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Find Gerry's Wallet !

Photos of missing Madeleine McCann that were snatched by a pickpocket are irreplaceable and were carried by her father for "ages", her family has said.

The girl's relatives are appealing for the return of the touching snaps that were in a wallet stolen from Madeleine's father Gerry this week.

The pictures are thought to be the only ones of their kind and were taken around two years ago when the family lived in Amsterdam.

Mr McCann's brother John, from Glasgow, said: "Gerry had his wallet stolen and there were two pictures of Madeleine taken when they lived in Amsterdam. They were taken around two years ago, before the twins were born.

"The photos meant a lot to Gerry, he had carried them for ages. They are irreplaceable, and we are appealing to whoever took them to hand them back."

The theft happened on Tuesday after Mr McCann flew back to London for a series of meetings about his abducted four-year-old daughter.

It is thought the pickpocket struck at London's Waterloo station, swiping the wallet from his back pocket as Mr McCann bent down to attend to a rucksack. The wallet also contained his driving licence and bank cards.

Cardiologist Mr McCann also put his medical skills to use after a man collapsed on his flight back to the UK. The medic went to the patient's rescue as he flew from Faro to Gatwick after the man collapsed while the plane was in the air.

Mr McCann cared for him until they were met by an ambulance at the airport, despite having spoken in the past about not feeling ready to go back to work or look after people since his daughter was taken from Praia da Luz in the Algarve 48 days ago.

He is on compassionate leave from Glenfield General Hospital in Leicester until the end of the month. He has said he does not know what will happen after that.