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McCanns refuse lie detector test !

Lady Catherine Myer...turns out she may be many things but A LADY is not one of them.

As the accounts of the charity show, in 2010 income was £97,805 and expenditure, £80,491. In 2009, the income was £28,445 and expenses £87,640 leading to a loss, even after taking into account unrealised investment gains, of over £50,000. When we look at expenses we can see that over £49,586  of expenses in 2010 related to the salaries of Catherine Meyer (Lady Meyer) and her administrative assistant.  The Daily Telegraph understands that nearly 70 percent of that money was related to the salary of Lady Meyer. In 2009, expenses directly related to the salaries of Lady Meyer and her assistant was £63,877. It is quite easy to see why the charity lost over £50,000 that year. Donations to the charity seem to have done more to pay the Chanel-clad Lady Meyer her salary and expenses than they have done to assist abducted children...read more..



OLDFIELD connection...is there one ?

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The Hubbards...the fridge /freezer was it a myth ?




Interestingly enough the name HUBBARD and the link to the ownership of this apartment has been removed but does remain on the advertisment for their apartment...Andrew and Isabel Hubbard...they also mention being owners of a new fridge/freezer....discussion took place at above link. The priest and his wife Susan, are they related to this family Hubbard and if so, did the McCanns move to this apartment before moving  to the villa ?

A 2 bedroom first floor apartment in the West Algarve region of Lagos, in the village of Praia Da Luz, (Beach of Light).
  • Balcony View, the perfect way to eat al fresco
  • Club Pool, one of the five pools available to you
  • Luz church
  • Fortaleza
  • Luz beach, a view from the Roman ruins
The apartment is a delightful, comfortably furnished first floor accommodation with a balcony overlooking one of the five Ocean Club swimming pools and with beautiful views out over the Atlantic Ocean.
The apartment is located in the sought after Club Phase, Luz Ocean Club which includes a 24 hour reception , 5 swimming pools, 5 tennis courts, restaurant and poolside bars. Within walking distance of all the local amenities. The beach is only a short walk away, approx. 5 mins. (500 meters) Ideal for golfers with 4 golf courses within a 15km radius and a further 5 major courses less than 1 hours drive away.

Accomodation and Facilities for the apartment:
Property2 Bedroom Apartment
Floor Area92 square meters
Accommodation TypeSelf-Catering
LocationIn the beautiful village of Praia da Luz, very close to the sea and beach
Bedroom 1Double bed, bedding cleaned once a week, fresh towels every third day (new beds for 2007)
Bedroom 2Twin single beds, bedding cleaned once a week, fresh towels every third day (new beds for 2007)
BathroomToilet, bidet, full length bath with overhead and hand showers, wash basin with large mirror and light for make-up/shaving
KitchenWashing machine, new fridge freezer, cooker with oven, grill and four rings/hobs, microwave, plenty of cupboard space, complete set of kitchen utensils and cutlery
Living Room2 Sofa beds, Satellite T.V., Mini-Hifi Stereo with CD player, DVD Player, PlayStation Two with some games, sliding doors leading on to the balcony
Dinning RoomDinning room table and six chairs. A highchair can be arranged at an additional charge
OutsideBalcony with seating for up to six people, car parking to rear of the apartment. Apartment situated in garden area leading to swimming pool and tennis courts
Swimming PoolsCommunal, 1 Heated Indoor, 4 Outdoor, 1 is an adult only swimming pool
Bedroom NotesThe sofa beds in the living room can accomodate extra sleeping. A cot with linen can be arranged at an additional charge
General NotesThe apartment is professionally cleaned. All linen and towels are provided (except for beach towels). A maid cleans 3 times a week. Towels and tea-towels are changed every 3 days, linen once a week. The apartment has an iron, ironing board and a hair dryer. A small safe has been fitted for your passports and valuables.

The drive from the airport of Faro takes approx. 50 minutes and is 85 kilometers (roughly 53 miles). It is possible to get a taxi from outside the terminal building. Car rental companies either operate out of the airport site or (during peak holiday season) provide regular shuttle buses to and from their sites nearby.
An arrangement has been made with a local car hire company and we are now happy to offer a fixed price airport pick-up or drop-off of 75 EURO's for up to four people (including luggage) and 90 EURO's for five people and upwards. If you are travelling to the apartment you will be met at the airport and taken to the Ocean Club Reception where you will be registered and then taken on to the apartment. If you are returning home, you will be picked up from the Ocean Club Reception and taken to the airport, dropping you off at departures ready to catch your flight home.
In addition to this service we have also managed to negotiate a healthy discount on car hire with vehicle pick-up available at several locations throughout the Algarve, including Faro airport, Praia da Luz and Lagos.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to receive further details

Activities/Entertainment/Suitability Information:
Local ActivitiesSwimming, Tennis, Golf, Horse Riding, Walking, Cycling, Water Pursuits, Fishing
EntertainmentSatellite TV, PlayStation Two (with games), DVD Player, Mini-Hifi Stereo with CD-Player
SuitabilityCouples, Families, Suitable for elderly, No Pets (Sorry), No Wheelchair Access. Perfect for sun lovers!
Note:Long term renters welcome


For those who do not believe a small child could  be stored in a small freezer as those supplied in the apartments, take a look at the small box the body of Baby Grace was forced into.

FLASH: Article not online...Amaral will rebuttle Kates book in his new publication, sure to be a Bestseller !

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Creche sheets and attendance charts,,,

Family snaps of Madeleine..

New UK ambassador to Portugal

Why no cadaver in Maddies bed !

You cannot 'trump' the wishes of the parents !

Suspicious blonde man ?

Airing the boot of the hire car !

No Evidence...

PJ FILES: The McCann statements

'No Comment' on Murat !


Murat is no longer a mystery, he was introduced to McCann by Stephen Carpenter...

Scotland Yard: Bring on the clowns, don't bothere there here !

McCanns were broke in 2007

McCann detectivers suspects in murder investigation !


Interview with McCanns in Lisbon

Interview: Goncalo Amaral with Sandra Felgueiras

Tapas or Millenium..

15 minute checks !

Unbelievable !

The real Gerry McCann..

The night we found her !

PACT - Myers wife accused...

Madeleine McCann: detective agency link held

Missing Madeleine McCann
Missing Madeleine McCann 
A retired policeman linked to the private detective agency hired to find Madeleine McCann has been arrested on suspicion of helping criminals who stole £25 million of cocaine.
Antonio Jimenez, who has been linked to Metodo 3, the Spanish detective agency hired by the McCann family to find their missing daughter, was last night remanded by a judge investigating alleged police corruption and the theft in 2005 of 1,100?lb of cocaine from a Barcelona dockyard.
The arrest comes amid mounting scepticism about the role of Metodo 3 in the search for Madeleine, who disappeared on May 3 last year while on holiday with her family in Praia da Luz, Portugal.
Metodo 3, whose contract with Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry expires next month and has yet to be renewed, was criticised last year when Francisco Marco, its managing director, spoke of finding the four-year-old by Christmas.
It has also emerged that, in 1995, five senior members of the agency were arrested in a phone-tapping case. They were never charged, however, and an investigating judge threw out the case, condemning police entrapment.

Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the McCanns, sought to distance Jimenez from Metodo 3.

He said: "He is nothing to do with us. He collaborated with Metodo 3 on a project, but that was two years before the company was hired to find Madeleine.
"We still have faith in the work of Metodo 3."

Mr Marco denied Spanish television reports that Jiminez, 53, has worked for Metodo 3 for three years.
He insisted that Jimenez was, until three weeks ago, a business partner of his mother, Maria Fernandez Lado, who founded Metodo 3. He said Jimenez had been involved with a separate company.
Spanish records, however, reportedly showed that this business had the same listed address as Metodo 3.


Susan Healy appeals for help..

Madeleine gran appeals for return

Madeleine's family hope her distinctive right eye will help identify her

The grandmother of Madeleine McCann has appealed to those holding their "shiny star" to "take her somewhere safe" so she can be returned home. Susan Healy told BBC News that people should look out for her granddaughter's distinctive "black flash" in her eye, where her pupil runs into her iris.
Madeleine disappeared from her parents' Portuguese holiday apartment on 3 May.
Mother Kate McCann said prayers at a church service in the Algarve village of Praia da Luz on Sunday.

Joining the service was the English priest who married Kate and Gerry McCann and later baptised Madeleine. Father Paul Seddon, of the Our Lady of Comgrandmother Mrs Healy said she and all the family were "hoping and praying that the people who have Madeleine will take her somewhere safe and we can find her and bring her home".

Relatives have released posters drawing attention to the distinctive marking in the youngster's right eye, which they say makes her easily recognisable. passion church in Formby, near Liverpool, flew out to support the couple in Portugal.

Speaking from Liverpool, grandmother Mrs Healy said she and all the family were "hoping and praying that the people who have Madeleine will take her somewhere safe and we can find her and bring her home".

Relatives have released posters drawing attention to the distinctive marking in the youngster's right eye, which they say makes her easily recognisable.

Madeleines eye: Links to the eye defect the McCanns now claim is of no significance.


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Attracta Harron:Highly trained dogs were employed on April 5, 2004 to search the property and the river, and it was through the dogs that the remains were found.

Detective set to publish McCann book in Britain...

A controversial best-selling account of the hunt for Madeleine McCann by the Portuguese detective who led the investigation is expected to be published in the UK soon, according to its author.

Speaking exclusively to The Independent on Sunday, Goncalo Amaral denied cashing in on the tragic disappearance of the three-year-old but said he was determined to restore his reputation, which "had been torn to shreds" by unfair and inaccurate media reports.

The book, Maddie: The Truth about the Lie, has already sold an estimated 180,000 copies in Europe, and Mr Amaral's representatives are trying find a British publisher. The McCanns said last night that they would scrutinise any British publication with a view to possible legal action.

Madeleine went missing on 3 May 2007, days before her fourth birthday, from a holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz as her parents dined at a nearby restaurant. In the Portuguese edition of his book, Mr Amaral says he believes she died in a "tragic accident" in the Mark Warner holiday flat where she was left to sleep the night she disappeared.

Mr Amaral was removed from the investigation in October 2007 after criticising British police officers. Nine months later the Portuguese authorities closed the investigation and lifted the arguido [suspect] label from Madeleine's parents.
The book's publisher, Mario Sena Lopes, said there was now an English version of Mr Amaral's book and he was negotiating a UK deal. He said several publishers were interested and he was confident the British public would soon be able to read the book.

Mr Amaral said: "I received numerous messages of support and solidarity since being taken off the case, including from the UK – messages that also motivated me to tell people what I knew about the Maddie case. I am positive that there's also a section of the public eager to know the truth.

"People can form their opinion without the manipulation that we have seen before."

He said his only regret was failing to carry out a reconstruction of the events soon after Madeleine vanished but claims he was put under "serious pressure" not to. He insisted this was the only failure in a "perfect" text-book investigation.

Asked whether he thought Madeleine was dead, he said: "It is not just my opinion. A whole team of Portuguese and British investigators came to that conclusion last year, and this is part of the files. I have never said the couple killed their daughter and this is not my belief. Deaths may happen for natural reasons, accident or intervention by a third party."

He said he was unperturbed by the threat of any legal action from the McCann family. "There is no reason for that. The details exposed in the book are facts, happenings and objective data which figure in the process and not lies, as they have been described in the press."

He denied he was profiting from the tragic case. "The biggest thing I achieved with this book was to defend my honour and that of those who worked with me. The way I see it, you cannot put a price on dignity. The other objective of the book is to contribute to the search for the truth."

Mr Amaral added that he is now considering legal action against a number of British media outlets. The "excessive" publicity the case attracted was a "double-edged sword: on one hand it makes the disappearance known, but on the other hand it puts the life of the missing person in jeopardy," he insisted. "I demanded from my superiors, they stand up for the investigators faced with attacks by the media, but that never happened. This was one of the reasons that led me later on to hand in my resignation so I could regain my freedom of speech and write the book."

Clarence Mitchell, a spokesman for the McCanns, said last night: "Lawyers for Kate and Gerry have been aware of what Mr Amaral has been alleging for some time. What he has said and written before now is grossly defamatory of them.

"If he chooses to publish them in Britain those words will be studied intensely carefully and they will not hesitate to act if they are defamatory."


Diane Downs and the McCanns.....talking too much until you see it their way !





Kate McCann said the police were trying to frame her...

Diane Downs countered that police were trying to push her into a corner to say something that would incriminate her....

McCanns and Co: FUNDAMENTAL lies...

Stephen Carpenter: Rogatory: There is no mystery surrounding Robert Murat, Stephen Carpenter introduced him to McCann. Kate McCann, along with a few of her tapas friends tried to implicate MURAT in the disappearance of Madeleine !

NO COMMENT....When McCann was asked if he knew Murat !

It is noted that only three members of the Group of 9, and only after him having been considered suspect, came forward to affirm that he was seen in the area of the apartment on the night of 3 - 4 May, a short time after the disappearance of Madeleine.


:3-Cartas Rogatorias File 3 Pages 31 - 56

Statement number S87B
Printed version of recorded documentSurname: CARPENTER
First name. STEPHEN

Profession: Maintenance TechnicianDate of Statement: 21/04/2008- Number of pages : 1

I am the person referred to above and I live at the address provided to the police.
I confirm that I was questioned by DC 4078 Ferguson from Leicestershire police on 21st April 2008.
The questioning began at 10.30 and finished at 11.10 on the same day. The questioning was filmed on DVD and on cassette. This statement was made by me and is truthful according to my understanding.

The questioning took place at the police station in Stevenage, Hertfordshire on the 21st April 2008.
I would be more than satisfied if the evidence presented by me was used and if required to appear at court in Portugal I would need to be notified in advance. .

Date 21st April 2008
Pages: 1
Statement of Stephen Carpenter

Leicestershire Police Force
Form MG15 (T)

Officer who conducted the questioning: DC 4078 Ferguson

Pages: 26

Duration of Interview: 39 minutes

DCF: Do you agree with me reading out your statement'

SC: Yes, I agree, yes.

DCF: Or would you prefer to read out the statement yourself'

SC: No, thats fine, you can read it.

DCF: I thought it would make more sense that way:

SC: Ah ha.

DCF: So when we get to the moment that refers to Portugal, it will refresh your memory.

SC: Please can I take some notes'

DCF: Yes of course. I’ll get you a sheet of paper.

SC: Yes, OK.

DCF: I will have to go and get one because I haven’t got my bag with me.
DC FERGUSON leaves the interrogation room..

DC FERGUSON returns to the interrogation room.

DCF: This was the best I could find.

SC: Yes, that’s fine, its just for small details like people’s names.

DCF: Yes.

SC: That would be, humm the babysitters and the people I played tennis with. I’ve got, hummm I almost remember all of their names. .

DCF: I would just like to introduce myself, I am DC Sophie Ferguson. I work for the Main Criminal Unit of the Leicestershire police and we have obviously been working on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, to provide assistance to the Portuguese and the reason for which we are here today is because the Portuguese have asked us to carry out some questioning of some of the witnesses.

SC: Agreed.

DCF: And also, Gerry and Kate have the right to ask the witnesses some questions and for that reason some of the questionings carried out incorporate questions suggested by them.


DCF: It is now 10.30 on the 21st April.

SC: Yes.

DCF: It is the 21st today, isn’t it'

SC: Yes.

DCF: Of the year 2008 and we are in a room in a house on Telford Avenue in Stevenage where neither of us have been before.


DCF: DC Eleanor JOHNSON is monitoring this interrogation Could you please tell m your name in full'

SC: Humm... Stephen John CARPENTER

DCF: And your date of birth'

SC: *******

DCF: Thank you. Would you prefer us to call you Stephen or Steve'

SC: Steve.

DCF: Steve it is then.

SC: Mm.

DCF:Okay, there is a letter for you, a letter to be handed to you ...

SC: Okay, thanks.

DCF: Before beginning the questioning and explaining the reason why you are here.

SC: Okay.

DCF: You can take a minute to read the contents if you wish..

(CARPENTER reads the letter): Yes, that’s fine..

DCF: Okay, as I already explained previously this will be filmed so that we can send the CD so that the Portuguese can hear instead of only reading the statement, once they get a copy.

SC: Ah ha.

DCF: And I know that before we begin the questioning, that you showed some concern about the truthful recording of the facts and that they could have had some distortions by what you have read about the event.

SC: Yes.

DCF: Therefore what we have agreed to do is to read your statement and put the facts together.

SC: Ah ha, yes that would seem right to me.

DCF: And afterwards I will ask you whether there is anything else you would like to add.

SC: Okay.

DCF: Or anything else that you would like to discuss and afterwards, afterwards I will ask the questions that we were requested.

SC: Okay.

DCF: And we can talk about this for as long as we need to, there is no time limit.

SC: Yes, fine.

DCF: Are you feeling all right'

SC: Yes, fine.

DC: Good. Right, this statement was taken by a UK police officer on the 17th May and so the facts should be quite fresh in your memory.

SC: Yes.
DCF: This is obviously 2007 and begins by explaining the reason for the questioning, in other words, relating to the disappearance of Madeleine. In the statement you say “I will mention the following persons who I will describe with greater detail at the end of the statement” Is it C*** or C******'

SC: C*****.

DCF: C***** is your wife and at the time of the events you had known her for nine years and I****** is your daughter aged three and a half and F***** is obviously your other child aged five months. During the holiday you met the following persons, Gerry and Kate McCann, saw their children, Madeleine and the twins, but don’t know their names. J*** C***** whom I met whilst playing tennis, I also met Dan and Georgia who were tennis instructors of the Mark Warner holiday resort (inaudible) I had met Dan on previous Mark Warner holidays at the (inaudible) resort. . I met the following persons when I participated in the searches for Madeleine during the day after her disappearance, Raj and Neil, Mark Warner tourists, John Hill, manager of the MW resort, we also used three babysitters, Pauline, Emma and Leanne. Emma and Leanne would look after our children in the evenings, they were all British and employees of MW. A man with three children whom I met in the Tapas Bar and who I referred to as the “Tapas Guy” and a Portuguese man in a garage whom I will refer to as the “laundry man”.

SC: Okay.

DCF:Okay. That was just to set the scene..

SC: Yes.

DCF: Neil and Raj, two MW tourists that I saw in the Tapas Bar who were looking for Madeleine with me, doesn’t make much sense, I think it was perhaps explaining who they are and where I met them. I will now describe the resort and to help me with this description I will base myself upon an aerial photograph from the Sun Newspaper dated the 16th May, which we do not have here today, but which is not important. The resort is a closed holiday complex with apartments and some villas. This takes us to the next question which is, how did you appear on the scene. “My wife booked the holidays in the MW resort in Praia da Luz, from Saturday 28th April to Saturday 5th May, at Going Places in Welwyn Garden City.” You go on to describe your previous holidays and that you chose this one because you were told that the “baby sitter” service was available. You arrived at the resort on Saturday morning, pardon on Saturday at approximately two in the afternoon and were accompanied to your apartment, FP02 Ocean Club.

At about 4.15 on the same day you went to a crèche meeting where you wee told who the crèche workers who would look after your children were and that your children would be in different groups given the difference in age. I**** was in the group for children between three and four years old, her crèche worker was Emma and it was only after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann that I realised that she was in the same group as I****. That night C****, F****, I**** and I went to the Millenium Restaurant, we did not see any of the other MW tourists there and I remember that I did not see any of the other people I mentioned in my statement there. On Sunday the 29th April C**** and I participated in a coffee morning of the MW tennis group where I met Gerry, Kate, J****, C****, R****, A***, G***, A***’s sister and A***, there were other tourists there whose names now escape me. In total there were approximately some sixteen people at this coffee morning and tennis was one of the activities that the man, or that both subscribed to during the week. I am summarising a bit, because.....

SC: Okay, that’s fine..

DCF: I first played tennis with Kate and G***n, there was another lady whose name I can’t remember and afterwards I played with Kate and G**** against Gerry and naturally after the game I spoke to Gerry and Kate as well as to the other people present. I think that this is just a setting of the scene.

SC: Yes, OK.

DCF: In this way I got to know Gerry and Kate and spoke with them as I did with other people.

SC: Yes.
DCF: And during my stay I would greet them when I met them. Later we pass to your activities during the week, do you remember if there was anything relevant in their activities during this week'

SC: Humm, anything relevant, not really....hummmm... it was normal, possibly after having left and now knowing where Murat was in relation to us, because i don’t know whether they showed you the proximity between us.

DCF: No.

SC: Let me show you some things about that, humm....let’s see, because...hummm, our apartment was not near to there.

DCF: Mmm mmm.

SC: Here was the club where Gerry was, behind Murat’s garden and here we were probably the people closest to Murat.

DCF: Thats true, I see.

SC: The bushes were all around here, we were far away from the rest, it was all open, and this is why I think (inaudible) you know, this is the idea that, humm...I think of when i mentioned in the interrogation that there was a laundry outlet where other things were kept.

DCF: Mmm, yes.

SC: But humm, nothing strange that someone wouldn’t do during their holidays, the only thing is thinking about our proximity to Murat’s property.

DCF: Yes, I understand, much of this is in the....

SC: Background.

DCF: Yes. When I went to the Tapas Bar and was seen there, talking on the Thurday 3rd May we analysed this in more detail because it was obviously more relevant. ”The second time I entered the Tapas Bar was on Thursday 3rd May” which ended up being the day that Madeleine disappeared.

SC: Ah ha.

DCF: We arrived at about seven because we had the children with us and I saw a man sitting at the table next to us with three children.

SC: Yes
DCF: He was going to take a plane the next day to Switzerland, given that the children’s mother lived there, I had never seen him before that night, but he ended up joining us for a coffee, he was a MW tourist. Another couple whose names I do not remember, sat at the table opposite us. A man was sitting on the esplanade having a drink whilst waiting for a take away, I spoke to them briefly, I hadn’t realised that the Tapas bar had a take away service. At that time i didn’t know their names. At approximately half past eight, Gerry and Kate and their group of approximately ten people were already seated at their table, which was so close to ours that it was possible to converse with them, we spoke of tennis amongst other things, I vaguely remember that Gerry and Kate and other people from the group would leave the table in intervals (inaudible), I think it was to check on the children , but I do not remember with what frequency or how many times the people left the table to check on the children. We did not talk about the system for checking the children or the fact that they had left them alone in the apartment, it was only later upon hearing the news that I realised that they had left the children alone in the apartment and that they were regularly checking to see if they were all right. Between approximately a quarter past nine and half past nine we left the Tapas bar to go home, we walked across the MW reception area, crossed the road and a semi circular path to return to the apartment, were we put the children to bed and a short while later did the same ourselves. I do not remember seeing or hearing anyone during our return to the apartment. When I crossed the road outside the MW reception I remember there were cars parked, I remember taking some time to see if I could cross the road because there were cars parked to my left and I was carrying I****. They were about six metres away from me and i calculate that some (inaudible) metres from the back of Gerry’s apartment, I do not remember anything about these cars, it was normal for cars to be parked there and in the morning they were no longer there. My wife mentioned on the following day that she vaguely remembered someone calling “Madeleine, Madeleine”, this was after we had crossed the road from the MW reception and before entering our apartment. She does not remember where the sound came from or whether it was in an urgent tone, not paying any more attention to it and only remembered the following day when we heard about Madeleine’s disappearance”. OK, before going on the next part, do you remember at what time you left'

SC: Humm... vaguely, I think it was what was put in the statement, the same, the leaving the restaurant, the way back to the apartment, looking to my left to check that the way was clear and I didn’t see anything....My wife vaguely remembers hearing “Madeleine, Madeleine” and that was all until the following morning when I saw the television.

DCF: Yes, and where you state that it was on GMTV.

SC:: Yes..

DCF: I think that it was reported that it was a three year old child and probably thought who could it be and knew that Kate and Gerry were from Leicestershire and assumed that it was one of their children seeing that they had small children'

SC: Ah.

DCF: And afterwards you left your apartment to see if you could help in any way and as you said previously, everything was very quiet and there was nobody around. Then you say “I went to the MW reception and I met two of Gerry’s surfing friends who told me that Madeleine had been abducted on the previous night, I asked if there was anything I could do to help and I think they were waiting for news from the Portuguese police. We walked towards the supermarket and ended up at the 24 hour reception where some men tried to speak to some Portuguese employees in the attempt to make a phone call, but communication became complicated because the employee did not speak English and the man did not speak Portuguese. We returned to the MW reception where I asked whether there was anything I could do to help so that they would let me know and returned to my apartment by the same route as the previous night. Upon nearing my apartment I heard a male voice coming from the garden next to my apartment.

DCF: This would be the voice of Murat, correct'

SC: Yes. This garden is situated at the other side of the passage way from my apartment block and is enclosed by net fence of about 1.80 m in height, the garden is thick and it was not possible to see inside, there was also a passageway along the garden without a wall that was on the way from our apartment to the Millenium restaurant. At some stage I managed to see clearly inside the garden, but I did not know who was the owner of the house and I never saw anyone inside the garden or the house or see anyone leaving until the moment that I heard a voice calling me.

Then a voice called me from over the hedge. “What is happening, or what is going on'”, I replied that a three year old girl had disappeared, he said “I am going to come round to talk to you” and he did this, walked round to come over towards me and said “I have lived here for fourteen years, I speak Portuguese fluently and I can help to translate”, and we introduced ourselves, he told me he was Robert and this was the first time I had seen this man. Robert mentioned that he had a daughter in Norfolk who was the same age as Madeleine, and that is why he was able to understand what they were going through. We walked back along the path that I had taken to Gerry’s apartment and I explained that Robert spoke Portuguese fluently, he told Gerry that it was important to have someone who spoke the language so that nothing would be lost in translation.. And that was how Robert Murat was presented as a translator.


NO COMMENT....When McCann was asked if he knew Murat !

DCF: Yes

SC: After he left, he explained that Gerry was frustrated with the way in which the case was being handled and they went to talk to John Hill.

DCF: Yes..

SC: In Mark Warner and he asked that all the Mark Warner rooms be opened so that he could check them and asked the cleaning ladies etc. to help open all the empty apartments that were not necessarily in the Mark Warner complex, but for which they might have the keys. At this moment I also met an English man called Dave who lived in the area and helped the Ocean Club to authorise entry into all the apartments possible, some of the apartments in Gerry’s block belonged to local owners and Dave helped to get the keys to these apartments so that they could check them and search them, they checked them all in a general manner.

DCF: Mmm mmm.

SC: Robert and I searched the areas near to the beach.

DCF: During your conversations with Robert is there anything that you would like to comment on'

SC: Humm, no, its probably nothing relevant, the only thing since all of this happened and from reading the papers, I’m not sure if I am right or wrong, but his involvement in the translations was due to my intervention, clearly it was I who, based upon what he told me, took him to see Gerry, humm..and just that, I do not know whether it was already explained and wasn’t published in the papers or I do not know why (inaudible) I think that the reason for his involvement was because of me.


NO COMMENT....When McCann was asked if he knew Murat !

DCF: Mmm.

SC: And then the first thing that he said was “Well, I did not actually offer my services, I “bumped” into this individual.

DCF: Yes:

SC: That is the only, only thing that I would correct and I think it is a bit strange that someone would state that they offer themselves as a volunteer, or the way in which it really happened after having told me that he spoke Portuguese fluently, I said to him “Well, in this case that could be useful” and afterwards accompanied him – and that was how he (inaudible) thought that it was a bit strange. Because the way he said it gave the impression that it was voluntary.

DCF: Yes.

SC: Whereas now the version is a bit different.

DCF: Yes, yes. And do you remember what you talked about whilst you were searching with him'

SC: Humm...he obviously talked to me about his daughter.

DCF: Yes.

SC: They had a team of sniffer dogs on site, they came from Lisbon according to what I was told, and afterwards we walked to the beach in the attempt to find the scent, to see of she had got lost alone or had fallen into the sea, and it was just him and me and the dog handlers, so that there was not any big theme of conversation, just walking the route – or on the way back, when we arrived we talked with different Portuguese police
Officers and afterwards with the officer who appeared to be leading the operation, a man who appeared to be from Forensics, but as I say now nothing appears very clear to me.

DCF: Yes.

SC: Humm... where Robert presented himself as being capable of speaking both languages and they couldn’t, they tried to use him in order to obtain a maximum of information from the English side, so that the Portuguese could understand what the people were saying and what state they were in... that was the involvement with the police and afterwards we tried to enter all the apartments that they had seen to where Gerry and Kate were staying.


NO COMMENT....When McCann was asked if he knew Murat !

DCF: Yes..

SC: And it was just talking about, you know...trying to get possible access and trying to open a maximum of doors in the area, and I think that was all.

DCF: You go on to describe in a little more detail the searches in the apartments neighbouring on Gerry and Kate’s apartment, then you met Neil and Raj who began to talk and told you that they had collaborated in the searches the night before.

SC: Yes. .

DCF: And they explained to you that they had seen a man with dreadlocks and they felt there was something suspicious about him, that they were not satisfied with him.

SC: Yes, yes.

DCF: Then he introduced himself saying that he lived in Portugal and that he had just bought an apartment block.
SC: Yes.

They were staying opposite Gerry’s block, that meant that they were more concentrated in that area.

SC: Yes, because Raj in particular said that he felt there was something strange and that he was not certain, and the fact of where they were staying, the fact that the back of the apartment block was opposite Kate and Gerry’s apartment, humm...and the fact that they even discussed the purchase price and how much he had paid, but the following morning there was no sign, even knocking on all the doors of the apartments that were occupied and those that were empty, we did not find anyone, he said, and that is why we thought it was strange that someone who had been available and collaborated in the searches and who lived in the area, was not found the following morning, because as you know, we were not contactable.

DCF: No sign of him and you remember that you were worried about this man who was described as being fifty years of age with grey hair.

SC:Ah ha.

DCF: And it seemed strange that a person who helped so much on the previous night disappeared the following morning.

SC: Yes, I suppose there was something that even the local Portuguese would be incapable of identifying (inaudible) or recognising for the description of a poster especially.

DCF: Who it was.

SC: Hummm.. then it was just a question of asking who he might be, where he was and to be able to eliminate him from the list of suspects, so that he would be at least one less person to worry about.

DCF: And did you speak to Robert about this as the person who was also on the scene'

SC: Ah ha.

DCF: On Saturday morning, the 5th May you spoke to a BBC reporter.

SC: Yes.

DCF: You told them that you remember that some of the reporters were being unfair and incorrect because they were treating the situation as that of a missing child and not of a child whom had been abducted.

SC: Yes.

DCF: And you go on to say that you spoke to Robert that day about how the Portuguese Police were unhappy with the incomprehensible way in which the British press treated them.
SC: That was what he said. What he explained to me.

DCF: Yes.

SC: Yes.
DCF: Yes, you met Gerry in the swimming pool area on Saturday afternoon, he told you that the fifty year old man had not been taken into consideration, that the Leicestershire police were on their way and you gave him your phone number and returned to England that night.

SC: Yes.

DCF: You certainly followed the events on television.

SC: Yes.

DCF: Humm... afterwards you say that on the 17th May you sent an email to Sky News about the description of an individual aged about fifty, humm.... on the 14th May you saw a report at the end of the news which mentioned that Robert Murat had been named a suspect.

SC: Yes (inaudible) I spoke to a Sky reporter, I think it was Ian Woods, hummm...did I write that down there'

DCF: Its here, yes.

SC: Ah yes, yes and afterwards, humm...with Murat well...I just caught a glimpse of him on TV, it was rather my wife who phoned Philomena afterwards who then suggested that we contact the police support service.

DCF: Yes.

SC: And that is what I did, and afterwards the Hertford police contacted us.

DCF: Yes.

SC: Two days later I think.

DCF: Exactly, you phoned the criminal support number and was transferred to the Operational Squad of the Leicestershire Police Force which is where we are working.

SC: Ah ha.

DCF: And we made a request to the local police to collect your statement and it was in this sequence that your statement arrived. It is likely that my papers are not in order because this page is more about the details of the search of the apartments near to Gerry’s apartment and mentions the man from the laundry.

SC: Yes, yes.

DCF: And about the searches carried out.

SC: I remember that, yes.

DCF: You spoke to a man who later showed you a garage where there was a bed.

SC: Yes, well what happened was that, Gerry’s apartment was here because it was not a flat area, it was more or less like this and that is why the opposite apartments were higher.

DCF: Correct.

SC: That is why it could obviously be seen, these apartments could be looked over from above and all the lower parts and where we, hummm.. this is where the grey haired man was.

DCF: Right.

SC: Who had supposedly acquired a property, and that is why I strongly suggested that we should open the maximum possible number of doors,...I can’t remember the name of the man who I also met by chance and who was doing some translating, what was his name again, who helped open the doors.

DCF: Was it John HILL'

SC: No, John Hill was a Mark Warner employee, I can’t remember his name, but he...humm also knew the local estate agent and different people who helped to get the keys of the properties from the letters, some of whom were on holiday.

DCF: Yes.

SC: And once the garage door was opened, it was not just a garage for a car, it was a type of “capsule” of about six by nine metres in size which became longer where there was a bed in the corner, and it was when we were searching this, the English man with grey hair whose identity I did not know, but who had explained this to me.

DCF: Yes.

SC: Humm... this garage belonged to a Portuguese man, the man from the laundry.

DCF: Yes.

SC: And when we entered the garage I asked who lived there, he replied that his son lived there and then there were distractions and because I was concentrated on the fifty year old English man, this man is Portuguese, it was only afterwards when I thought later about what we were searching for, it didn’t occur to me and I think it is because of this that i mentioned it in my statement two weeks later, because I remember that there had been some distortions.

DCF: Yes.

SC: Of course with Murat there is Murat and the Russian individual, you know....I thought that we might well be looking for the totally wrong person and the fact that a bed existed in the garage and some children’s toys.

DCF: Yes.

SC: I thought, ohhh...its worth mentioning this and that’s the reason I mentioned it in my statement.
DCF: Fine, now (inaudible) describe the Portuguese man, the laundry man to me, yes'

SC: Yes.
I am certain that I read about this at the beginning, which (inaudible)' I think that afterwards, and afterwards coincides with the fact that he was the man from the laundry and of the van parked there, because as i have already explained, we were here in a small street here above which linked to the main road and to everything beside here on top, the rest was all pathways and I remember that on two or three occasions I thought...this is a dead end road, the van was parked there, I never saw anyone and more than once assumed that it would be cleaning staff and only this thought coincided with the presence of the man from the laundry, and if there were any reply to be made in relation to the link between the van parked there and the laundry man.
DCF: Yes.

SC: Murat here, I think and the laundry thing here.

DCF: Yes

SC: And I would once again give the reason why I mentioned the subject..

DCF: Of what age did the laundry man appear to be'

SC: Humm, I do not remember clearly what I said, but obviously at times Europeans appear older than they are, because of

DCF...(inaudible) the sun.

SC: Yes with the sun, that was what I said in the statement (inaudible).

DCF: I am going to try to locate the first pages where it was mentioned, but there is no description.

SC: Forty five to fifty years old, I think.

DCF: I’m just trying to think what age the man would be, it is difficult to say for the man that I saw, but he would have been of an age that implied that he could have a small child living in the garage or it could be expected that the had a grown up child.

SC: Oh, I think he would have been about, you know.... eighteen years, twenty or twenty two years old to live in the back of a garage because it had large cupboards and other things, but to live in a garage would mean that he had to be eighteen or more, because of a question of safety and because it was not the best way to live.

DCF: No. Then as you say the children’s toys seemed to you to be out of context'

SC: Yes, yes.

DCF: Yes.

SC: Yes, mainly because I would think of someone aged eighteen or slightly more.

DCF: And then the Mark Warner staff, obviously it was after your return when this was still being investigated, the staff had photos of Madeleine that the man handed to an individual called C**** and his girlfriend to be distributed.

SC: Ah ah, yes.

DCF: Its in the part where it mentions that there was a van, and says that it was parked at the back of Robert Murat'’ garden, and that you never saw anyone use the van, but you remember that it had something to do with the cleaning staff.

SC: Yes, to transport the bedlinen and towels.

DCF: Yes. It says here that you never saw anyone drive it, you just know that you saw it parked, did you ever notice that it was missing or do you remember always seeing it there'

SC:Humm, no...no it was not always there, I saw it about two or three times.

DCF: OK. And it continues, obviously there are some details about the van and its description in case it would be necessary to come back to this statement. So during the week, you played tennis with Gerry about three times'

SC: Ah ha.

DCF: On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, it says here that you got on well, that he communicated easily, he was fun, he talked to you about golf which was his favourite sport, that he wanted to improve his tennis during the week. On Sunday or Monday he twisted his ankle, but managed to keep on playing, and on Sunday morning he only played tennis with Kate, that you saw them both playing sport and they passed by you to the bar on the beach and this was Sunday or Monday at about mid day.

SC: Mmm, mmm.

DCF: And you saw both Gerry and Kate at the Tapas Bar on Sunday and afterwards on Thursday in the evening, apart from these occasions you just saw them in passing at the resort and you had no opportunity to get to know Kate'

SC: No.

DCF: OK. Is there anything else that you would like to comment on or talk about in relation to the time that you were in the resort before the police, or before the disappearance of Madeleine'

SC: In relation to the holiday or to something strange that I remember'

DCF: Yes, is there anything in your memory that you think could be significant but that you didn’t mention before because you thought it was a bit...

SC: No, no...until that moment it was an extremely enjoyable holiday, I think that we had already been at other Mark Warner resorts and they were more than a complex and because of that all the people in the area were Mark Warner tourists, here it was different because we could meet the same person two or three times a day, others could spend three or four days without seeing them because some were staying at this side and others on the other side and so, you know...we were not...it was not a large holiday centre but this was reasonably normal.

DCF: OK. Do you agree with me putting these questions now'

SC: Yes, that’s fine, are they the questions from the police'

DCF: Yes, from the way they are written, I think they are all from the Portuguese police.


DCF: Because sometimes translations are a bit different.


DCF: However, I think there are no questions from Gerry and Kate that would be necessary to ask you, as I have stated previously, there are other interrogations where that was necessary.

SC: Oh.

DCF: Fine, on what day between the 28th April and 3rd May did you meet Gerry McCann and Kate Healy, I think this has already been mentioned in the statement that we have just gone through.

SC: Yes, yes.

DCF: However I am going to read this and you do not have to reply again. How frequently would you meet up between the 28th April and 3rd May and once again we have just been through this.

SC: From there onwards.

DCF: Oh yes, not from there, it was even before Madeleine disappeared. Did you see them with Madeleine and the other two children'
SC: Humm...I don’t remember what I said in my statement, I am not sure about this because when I think about the past, and I know that he was playing tennis and I imagine something different, that’s why...humm I can’t specify hours and dates.

DCF: Ok. If you can remember the occasion upon which you saw them, how was the children’s behaviour'.

SC: Humm. I can’t reply because I was not concentrating on this type of thing, that’s why...hmmm, I cannot even reply to this.

DCF: No, but I was thinking from the point of view of common sense, after the disappearance of Madeleine, any doubt that you could have had.

SC: Oh, after the disappearance'

DCF: No, what I was thinking here was that after her disappearance, you would probably have reflected upon whether you saw anything.

SC: Hummm... I remember talking to Gerry, because I had to go and fetch I*** and they were playing in the small garden and he was (inaudible), I***** and I thought it was Maddie, I am not absolutely sure but, he seemed to me to be a decent type, a good father, affectionate with his children, very easy to talk to, very good with the children, with a comfortable manner even when talking to I**** about little things, completely dedicated to the children.

DCF: OK, I’m certain that if there were anything strange in his behaviour, you would certainly remember that.

SC: Yes, certainly.

DCF: Did you see either of them in a car'

SC: See either of whom'

DCF: I think this refers to the McCann family, did you ever see them in a car'

SC: Humm, during that week'

DCF: Mmm, mmm.

SC: I think not.

DCF: Did you see Kate or Gerry on the Thursday 3rd May, obviously this was the day when Madeleine disappeared already mentioned in your statement.

SC: Yes, in the restaurant, yes.

DCF: Do you remember if you saw them before the evening'

SC: Humm... I think that we played tennis during the afternoon on Thursday.

DCF: Yes.

SC: I’m not certain, I remember that it was on Thursday that there were four individuals with whom we used to share the tennis courts, and I think that I mentioned this in my statement, I would say that it was on Thursday that we played tennis and I think that this was what we talked about in the Tapas bar.

DCF: OK, do you have any idea of what time you played tennis with Gerry'

SC: Humm... from two to four or from two until any time in the afternoon, I remember it coincided with leaving the kids in the crèche and picking them up.

DCF: OK, and it asks here what his behaviour was like on Thursday, 3rd May'

SC: His behaviour during the day or'

DCF: On all the occasions that you saw him.

SC: Always very good.

DCF: When did you realise that Madeleine had disappeared, you have already said that it was on the following day.

SC: On Friday morning.

DCF: And you took part in the searches as you have already described. Did you see Kate or Gerald after Madeleine’s disappearance'

SC: Yes.

DCF: When'

SC: Hummm, the first time was when I introduced Robert Murat to Gerry, I think that he was alone at that moment...humm, or Kate was there, I’m not sure, but afterwards I saw him on Saturday before returning home, but thinking of the time on Friday morning when I introduced Murat, I think that I did not see him again until Saturday.

DCF: OK and the next question is what was their reaction and I think this means their reaction to Madeleine not being there'
SC: Destroyed, like any father or mother would be.

DCF: At what time did you arrive at the Tapas restaurant on 3rd May (inaudible)'

SC: At seven, I think at seven, yes.

DCF: Yes and you say that Kate and Gerald arrived at about half past eight, what was the theme of the conversation'

SC: I think it was just holiday chat, I think that we talked about our tennis and the good and bad aspects.
DCF: And who else was at the restaurant, well.... you have already referred to this in your statement.

SC: Yes.

DCF: Did you see Kate or Gerry leave the table before you'

SC: (Inaudible).

DCF: I think that this means the coming and going of people during the evening.

SC: Yes, I remember that people would absent themselves intermittently at different times, but I did not know why.

DCF: no.

SC: But as we discovered later, it was to check on the children.

DCF: And I imagine that your attention was directed towards your family and (inaudible).

SC: Yes, because we obviously had our two with us and we were on this side of the table, the single man with three small children was here and I****was playing with them, so we were more or less a group if you would like to call it that, of which they were a part, I think that all the ten members were there and some of us would speak to others here and on the other side of the table.

DCF: At what time did you leave the Tapas bar'

SC: I think it was at about half past nine.

DCF: I think that is what you said.

SC: Yes.

DCF: And you were accompanied, you replied that you were with your children and your wife. Where did you go afterwards, it says here...before going back to your apartment, can you describe the route you took'

SC: Directly to the apartment.

DCF: Did you see anyone outside the Tapas Bar or outside the apartments'

SC: If I saw anyone outside the Tapas bar or, hummm.. on the way home presumably'

DCF: Yes, is there anyone you remember that night, did you see anyone in the area'

SC: No.

DCF: At what time did you go to bed'

SC: Almost immediately, we put the children to bed because it was already quite late for them, humm... about half past ten, yes, about half past ten (inaudible).

DCF: And that’s it, those were the questions.


DCF: So I would say there were no surprises. Is there anything else that you think we should talk about'

SC: Hummm, no I think that’s all, I spoke about Murat, hummm, about the meeting, no there is nothing more to add.

DCF: OK. Lets check with Eleanor to see if we have missed anything.

DCF leaves the interrogation room.
DCF enters the interrogation room.

DCF: No and I cannot think of anything else so we can close the interrogation.

SC: Fine.

DCF: It is 11.10, although my watch does not have numbers, so this is an approximate time.

SC: OK. And the interrogation ends here, I’m sure that Eleanor will unplug the recorder in the next room.

SC: Fine, ok.

DCF: Now we just need to write...the CD stopped and began again showing the time as 10.38.10.



Friday, May 27, 2011

Witness statement of Gerald Patrick McCann, on the 4th of May 2007, at 11.15 a.m.

Reports on the death of Madeleine before FSS results were switched, pulled, removed ?

"An early forensic report is alleged to have mentioned a certain blood spray ... commensurate with a certain type of broken larynx ... some DNA samples found related to cerebal fluids indicates a broken neck or fracture skull". Also "Sousa himself told of this very fine mist of spray that was found in the apartment".

This live report was made outside the Police Station at the time Kate McCann was being interviewed, therefore, she must have been presented with the FSS results.
This information was released only once that night - BBC 6 o'clock news.


What I REALLY want the Met’s finest to do is ask Kate McCann exactly WHAT it was that was shown to Kate at her interview. As the final report clearly states:

“Kate Healy was not immediately made an arguida, but merely interviewed voluntarily as a witness. Only after her interview was she made an arguida, that is, after she was confronted with concrete facts that might lead to her incrimination”

 “...concrete facts that might lead to her incrimination” ???

The McCann affair needs a full public inquiry and Gordon Brown who was then  Prime Minister needs to be asked , just how far did he go to protect his friends the McCanns !

Kate McCann: Her libel case against Dr.Goncalo Amaral

Madeleines Coloboma another McCann lie ?





On Madeleine’s Coloboma
Piers: Madeleine had a very distinctive eye pattern, didn't she? Tell me about that, Kate, in case people see somebody they think may be Madeleine. Tell me about her eye.

Kate: If I'm honest, we haven't put too much emphasis on her eye, because I think you have to be very close to her to see it. But her eyes are slightly different colors, and one of them has this brown fleck in it. But you do notice, particularly on photographs, but –
Haven’t put too much emphasis on Madeleine’s eye defect?

McCanns who deny Madeleine has a Coloboma...


Madeleines eye defect and the McCanns strategy

'Gerry is not Madeleine's real father': The Portuguese media's latest attack on the McCanns

Last updated at 01:03 12 September 2007

In the latest of a series of increasingly personal smears against the McCanns, a Portuguese newspaper has claimed that Gerry McCann is not Madeleine's real father.

Sensationalist tabloid '24 horas' claimed that Portuguese police suspected the heart surgeon was not Madeleine's natural father.

With the front page headline, 'Police suspect Gerry is not Maddie's dad', the paper reported detectives were intending to use DNA samples to confirm their suspicions he was not the sperm donor behind the successful IVF treatment that led to her birth.
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Kate McCann Portuguese police have launched a new smear campaign against Kate McCann via the Portuguese media
The allegation is the latest episode in an astonishing smear campaign launched by both Portuguese detectives and the country's media.

Detectives trying to prove that Kate McCann killed her daughter have painted the 39-year-old doctor as a violent mother prone to "hysterical reactions" and losing control.

The allegations were leaked to Portuguese newspapers hours after Mrs McCann and her husband Gerry left the country under a cloud of suspicion about the disappearance of four-year-old Madeleine.

Quoting police sources, the papers alleged that Mrs McCann became "visibly out of control" under questioning by police, and that witnesses had described her as "violent" and "aggressive" towards her children.

It was claimed that she routinely put Madeleine and the two-year-old twins to bed in the family's holiday apartment "while Gerry played tennis and lay by the pool".

The reports also quoted witnesses who have given statements to police.
Pamela Fenn, who was in an apartment above the family on May 3 - the night Madeleine disappeared - is quoted as saying she believed Mrs McCann sometimes became violent and "out of control" in the room below.
Madeleine McCann Madeleine McCann
She claimed that "the little girl's screams calling for her daddy were very audible".

Another witness is quoted as saying that Mrs McCann "seemed to have moments of aggressiveness towards her children" and that her husband, "though more absent, had more emotional control".

Mrs McCann is said to have strongly denied both these allegations in police interviews.

The damaging picture painted by Portuguese newspapers emerged as police sought to convince the public prosecutor that they have a strong enough case to charge Mrs McCann over the murder or accidental death of her daughter.

The McCanns have repeatedly insisted they are loving parents who had nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance. They are convinced police are trying to frame them.

But the allegations, strongly denied by the family, risk poisoning public support for the couple and stopping donations to the "Find Madeleine" campaign they set up.

Portugal's secrecy laws prevent police from talking about the investigation, but the leaked material appears to contain specific information about interviews conducted with the McCanns last week.

It was claimed that Mrs McCann became "hysterical" at times during her 13 hours of interrogation and refused to reply to some of the questions.

It was alleged that she offered no explanation for why Madeleine's DNA appeared to have been found in a car the couple hired 25 days after she vanished.

Nor is she said to have given any satisfactory answer to whether she had slapped her daughter, or whether she sedated the children.

The Portuguese police are reported in the newspapers as having concluded that Madeleine was killed by accident.

They believe that her parents then hid her body in their car boot in the compartment for the spare wheel.

The four-year-old's blood was found under the carpet of their hired Renault Scenic in the place of the wheel, the daily Correi da Manha reported.

What really happened to Madeleine Beth ?

Madeleine and the missing hour: how often did the McCanns check on their children?

Last updated at 08:07am on 11.08.07
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Sitting beside a swimming pool in the Algarve on that May evening Gerry and Kate McCann were enjoying themselves. The tapas bar of the Mark Warner holiday resort in Praia da Luz was buzzing with holidaymakers and it was quiz night.

The McCanns were favourites to win the contest organised by the resort's aerobics teacher Najova Chekaya. After all, the two doctors had brains on their side. Around their table were seven friends from England, three of them also doctors and one a top medical research fellow.

The group of nine were holidaying in Portugal and wanted to have a good time. As one of the doctors, Matthew Oldfield, was to recall: "We drank. So what! We were on holiday."

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Madeleine McCann
Madeleine: Questions about her disappearance are growing

But 50 yards away on the other side of the swimming pool, the group's children were sleeping alone. In the bedroom of one ground floor apartment was Madeleine, the McCanns' three-year-old daughter.

Her twin brother and sister, Sean and Amelie, two, lay in cots either side of her. They had been tucked up at 7pm. Half an hour later the McCanns had joined their friends for dinner at the tapas bar.

What happened next has mystified the world.

At 10pm Kate McCann got up from the table to check on her children. She slipped in through the patio windows to find the twins safely asleep - and her daughter's bed empty.

In tears and calling out Madeleine's name, she ran back to her friends to tell them: "They've taken her, they've taken her."

Madeleine has not been seen in the 100 days since May 3. Last night Portuguese police said they were concentrating on what they call the "missing hour" before Mrs McCann found her daughter gone. They say it is possible that she was kidnapped after her father last checked her at 9.05pm and her mother's terrible discovery.

Meanwhile the campaign to keep the public aware of Madeleine's name goes on. It has involved her Roman Catholic parents visiting the Pope.
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Gerry and Kate McCann
Staying on: Gerry and Kate McCann in Praia da Luz

And, on the instructions of JK Rowling, posters of Madeleine were distributed at British bookshops as they opened for the sale of the new Harry Potter book.
This week the donations from the public to a Madeleine fund, financing the PR campaign and global search for the little girl from Rothley in Leicestershire, was nudging £1 million.

More than 50 million people visited the Find Madeleine website in the 48 hours after its launch.

Nothing like this has ever been seen before, and probably never will again.

The campaign has been organised by the McCanns, both 38.

 Today they believe their daughter is still alive and was abducted by a stranger. Whether the motive was paedophilia, the sale of Madeleine for adoption or even the trade of her organs, they have no idea. Nor do they speculate.

As Mr McCann wrote on his website the other day: "The Portuguese police have assured us on numerous occasions that they are looking for Madeleine and not a corpse."

Yet this week attitudes towards the McCanns underwent a seismic shift, the questions growing more aggressive by the day. The scenario of a small girl being kidnapped without warning on a spring holiday in a family friendly resort is now the subject of lurid debate - particularly in Portugal.

Disturbing questions are being asked about the behaviour of the McCanns and their friends.

The catalyst was the discovery this week, by British police with sniffer dogs, of specks of blood on a wall in the family's apartment.

The blood is now being analysed in this country, raising unpalatable speculation that Madeleine was killed where she slept and was then carried off to the beach or bundled into a car boot.

The reluctance of Gerry and Kate McCann or their friends to speak publicly, or in any detail, about the minutiae of the evening has fuelled the controversy, although they insist it is illegal in Portugal to comment on any police investigation.

In another uncomfortable development the Portuguese press, including the respected newspaper Dairio de Noticias, has claimed that interviews given by the McCann group to police contain discrepancies. Their stories and the timings of their movements on the night do not tally.

Furthermore, emails and phone messages sent between the group - and intercepted by the PolÌcia Judiciaria and British detectives helping the inquiry - are reported to contain conversations that contradict earlier statements.

But the spotlight is equally falling on the seemingly woeful response of the Policia Judiciaria. They only arrived two hours after the alarm was raised. A British expert on child abduction who visited the resort a few days later said it the worst preserved crime scene he had ever witnessed.

Twenty people - including resort workers and other holidaymakers - are believed to have entered the McCanns' apartment after the disappearance. The patio windows at the rear, and the closest point to the tapas bar, were touched by searchers.

The patio had been left open by the McCanns in case of fire and, it appears, so that they could easily check the children.

But what of Madeleine's bedroom?

It was situated next to the apartment's front door which is around the corner and a further 30 yards on, next to a road into the resort and a busy carpark.

Notably the bedroom, completely out of the sight of the tapas bar, had heavy, metal window shutters. These were also contaminated in the search.

Even her bedtime toy Cuddle Cat - which is now carried by Mrs McCann - was not isolated for forensic analysis.

Local newspapers and television have criticised the McCann group, who left their children alone for two and a half hours as they wined and dined.

One question being asked is why didn't the parents put their children in the evening creche which is open until 11.30pm? Why didn't they hire a babysitter, bookable at the Mark Warner reception desk?

In a further twist, locals now claim that Madeleine did not always settle well.

 One evening they allege she ran away into the paths between the apartments, hiding for half an hour when it was time for bed.

Whatever the truth, to begin to unravel the mystery one has to go back to the seemingly carefree days at the start of the holiday.

Gerry and Kate McCann and their friends are like-minded people, with children of similar ages.

And they knew each other in the Midlands.

Mr McCann is a consultant cardiologist at a Leicester's Glenfield Hospital and his wife is a GP.

Until recently Dr Oldfield worked at Leicester general hospital. David Payne is a senior research fellow in cardiovascular sciences at Leicester University and his wife, Fiona, is a doctor. Another of the holidaymakers, Dr Russell O'Brien, also worked at Leicester University before moving this summer.

Recently they all went to Mark Warner's in Greece where they had devised a plan of leaving their children to sleep while they had dinner nearby.

As Mr McCann explained: "The distance is so small, it was so close it was almost like having dinner in your garden. What we were doing was rigorous with multiple people checking at regular intervals."

When asked if Madeleine might have wandered out through the unlocked patio windows towards the swimming pool, or beyond to the beach, the McCanns dismiss it out of hand.

"We're absolutely certain.

We double and treble-checked and have no doubt she was taken," said Mr McCann. Yet another scenario is now emerging in the local press. It is built on the recollections of other guests and workers at the resort.

The official story from the McCanns is this. Mr McCann said he checked on his three children at 9.05pm. He noticed that a door in the apartment which had been left shut was ajar.

He thought nothing of it but it may have indicated that a kidnapper was already there. But his daughter was fast asleep so he went back to the tapas bar.

Another of the group, Jane Tanner, says she took her turn 10 minutes later. She claimed later to police that she saw a dark-haired man of about 35 carrying a child as she walked back to the bar afterwards but thought nothing of it.

Soon after her return - at 9.45pm - Dr Oldfield did his round of the bedrooms. In a first statement to police, it is unclear if he actually went inside the McCann flat.

Indeed, one scenario is that many of the checks of the children were not visible, but involved listening at doors or even from outside the apartments.

However, in a second statement Dr Oldfield insists he did look in Madeleine's bedroom, believes he saw her there, and that there was light coming in through the windows as though the heavy shutters had been opened.

Again, he thought little of it until afterwards. Then, of course, it was Mrs McCann's turn. She found Madeleine gone.

Madeleine's aunt Trish Cameron recalled that she received a call later that night from her younger brother, Mr McCann, who told her: "I went back to check the children at nine o'clock. They were all sound asleep, windows shut, shutters shut."

Mrs Cameron related that when Mrs McCann went to the two apartment a little under an hour later: "The shutters had been jemmied open. They think someone must have come in the window and gone out of the front door with Madeleine."

But what is now perturbing Portuguese police is how could she be abducted when the McCann group were checking so often? Or have reports inadvertently exaggerated how vigilant the parents really were?

A worker at the tapas bar says that only a tall man, believed to be Russell O'Brien, got up from the table during the entire evening.

 Of course, this witness might be wrong. A busy barman could not have eyes on the McCann party for two and a half hours.

And what of Najova Chekaya, the aerobics teacher running the quiz? She was invited over to the McCann table by Mr McCann himself when the game ended at 9.30. She stayed for half an hour. She later claimed to friends that nobody left the table.

There is another conundrum too. It concerns the sighting by Jane Tanner of the man carrying a child. He was wearing beige trousers and smart black shoes. Her report is taken seriously by police.

Yet a British holidaymaker, Jeremy Wilkins, has given a deposition that does not support her evidence. He knew Mr McCann because he played tennis with him, and was walking his eight-month-old son in the night air when the drama unfolded.

He says that he met Mr McCann, who had come out of his apartment at 9.05pm, and had a word with him. Soon after that Jane Tanner would have crossed paths with Mr Wilkins and his baby.

Mr Wilkins says he saw no man carrying a child or Jane Tanner herself. "It was a very narrow path and I think it would have been almost impossible for anyone to walk by without me noticing," he said.

So today the questions remain.

 Was Madeleine kidnapped or killed?

Or unwatched, did she simply walk out and get lost?

 How could there be a break in with a jemmy through metal shutters without waking the twins or alerting a passerby?

Someone, somewhere must know the answers.