Thursday, February 2, 2012

The #McCann Scam (Aug 2007)


Now in fairness, not a lot leaves me compelled to vent my frustrations and air my views to the world, the world can make it's own mind up about most things.

But this case and it's reporting within the British media has left me suspicious, angry and amazed at how gullible the public can be. The rest of the world is finally thinking logically, as support for the McCanns dwindles away slowly but steadily, especially in the Portuguese press, and in Australia among other countries. Many blogs are now dedicated to the ongoing charade that is the media coverage surrounding this case, and the fact that Gerry and Kate McCann are blatently as guilty as OJ Simpson was.
An unsubstantiated claim, you may shout?

 I'm prepared for a flaming here, and vilification will be worthwhile if it means you will read the evidence against the McCanns, and possibly see the case from an angle that the British tabloid press would rather cut off their gonads than allow you to view.

If 'Team McCann' have nothing to hide, why all the lies and disrepancies?
The apartment was 300 yards , 150 yards, and now, according to Kate - 20 yards, away from the Tapas Bar. It is in fact about 100 yards, and that's as the crow flies, and crossing a swimming pool.

Even though Gerry appears to think he can walk on water, this still leaves a good 200-yard walk to the apartment.

'We could see the room from the Tapas Bar' - a Portuguese reporter tried trhis out - he had to climb onto a plant container outside the Tapas Bar, and even then he could only see the upper apartments, NOT the room the child was in.

'Everyone else does it' - what an insult to British parents! I don't know ANYONE else who has left their tiny children for 7 nights running, alone ,whilst they drank the night away.
On the Tuesday prior to the 'abduction' the McCanns were drinking in Chaplins bar - 800 metres away, and down a hill. They didn't tell us that, did they? Why not?
'It's just like having a meal in the garden' - what? How big is their garden?

'We were just a little naive' - two trained doctors, naive? And Gerry has since stated in the TV interviews 'we are not naive'. It seems they can be 'naive' when it suits them, then.

'We checked on them every 20 minutes, 30 minutes.15 minutes' - yet staff at the Tapas Bar said no-one left their table all evening.

The McCanns have been almost canonised in the British press, why?

What if it had been a single mother, on benefits, from a run-down council estate, in, say, Liverpool, who had left her children every night to go out boozing?

Would the reaction have been the same? I don't think so.

Why was Kate so sure that the child 'would NOT' have woken up and wandered off, as the police suggested?

The door and window were open. Small children DO wake up!

Over and above the threat of a paedophile - the McCanns are educated people, have they never heard of a fire?

A child choking on its own vomit?

A nightmare?

A gas leak?

A fit?

Even if it's true that they 'checked' on the children, any one of these events only takes minutes, or even seconds. I can see absolutely NO justification for leaving those children, none at all.

Whatever happens, and it's looking increasingly likely that the Portuguese police knew from the outset that there had been no 'abduction', the McCanns get to keep the MILLION pounds.

The 'fund' is NOT a charity - it's their cash to do with as they wish.

 I am sick to my stomach that these reprehensible people have made a fortune out of the death of that tiny girl. Now then...suspects.

Brings me to Robert "The Scapegoat" Murat...someone please tell me why this supposed "horrible pedophile" has lived in this area for TWO YEARS with him mum and no other blond haired little girls have disappeared...or any little girls for that matter because if he is that desperate of a pedophile I'm sure hair color wouldn't matter at that point.

Also, if there is some sort of "child sex slavery" ring that is going on and that is the reason she was taken...again...why have NO other little girls been taken and then why would they take (at the time) a 3 year old little girl, when at a family resort like that, I can guarantee there would be plenty of 7-12 year old (or however old they need to be) little girls that would be much better off for selling as child sex slaves.

Another point I have is in an interview shorty after Madeline was taken Gerry's younger sister Trish talks about how that night, shortly after they couldn't find Madeline, she received a frantic phone call from Gerry saying "Madeline has been abducted" now how would they know that yet?

Again, the patio door was unlocked when the children were alone, how did they not know she hadn't wandered off as the police had suggested, what parent would jump to the immediate conclusion that she had been "abducted" as opposed to saying something like "she's missing" or "we can't find her",

I'm not a parent, but I would think I would go the route of saying "we can't find Madeline" before it was actually confirmed that she was abducted...and then an interesting little tidbit...the very next morning Trish was out campaigning for £££...

No criticism is allowed in the UK media, comments posted on newpaper letter pages are removed immediately unless they are in favour of the McCanns- it is total censorship and for some reason no one is prepared to step out of line.
The fund which was set up almost immeditely as a Private Company, now has almost £1m in it it was set up to help search for Madeleine, but was worded that it could provide financial assistance to the family-it is alleged that it is now paying for their living expenses as they chose to stay in Portugal, for their travelling expenses, their legal expenses.

Uncle Brian who runs the Fund said this week that the fund had more than £900,000 in it but we will need this to pay the expenses for accommodation and travel.

Is this searching for Madeleine?

We understand Gerry McCann is travelling to the US, will any of your media be prepared to ask the questions that the British Media can't or won't-such as Why did you leave 3 babies under 4 yrs old in a strange apartment, in a strange country, all alone with no adult contact or supervision, night after night whilst you dined out with friends?

Why did you say there was a direct line of sight to the apartment, when you could only see part of a wall, why did you say it was very near when it was a 6 to 8 minute walk? All the above is so very wrong.

It seems the initial search was for a missing child that wandered off.

The detectives did not change the focus of the investigation to an abducted child until Saturday - a full 2 days later.

Since the initial investigation was for a missing child the police allowed hotel staff, guests, and the parents to help.

If the parents, one of their friends, hotel staff, or another guest was involved, they could have had time to move the child. This is a large resort.

It seems the kidnapper walked into the front door. Assuming this is a stranger.

Why Madeleine?

She was sleeping in the middle and heavier than the other two toddlers.

One of the children at the end would have been easier to carry. It seems awkward to pull a child from the middle without disturbing her or the other two.

Why not take all three kids?

Why just Madeleine?

My guess is one person.

Why is there so much discrepency with the time the parents left and when they returned?

Why do these times keep changing?

Gerry McCann is the only person who can confirm that Madeleine was in the room at 9pm.

Did he really go check the kids?

How long was he gone.

Did he pop his head in or go take a full look?

What was his view point?

Could he see all three children or only one?

Did he assume Madeleine was there because the door was closed?

How long was he gone?

How long does it take to walk over from their table, check the kids with a full sighting of all three, and return to the table?

How long did he take? Do we know for certain that she was in that room at 9pm?

And finally...the website.

You've probably seen it on the telly, or whatever it is, it pains me to advertise it but as needs must, I shall to prove a valid point.

How quickly was this website set up?!

The who is suggests the domain was registered on the 9th of May, however a website was set up sooner than this, possibly TWO DAYS after she went missing.

This was done on the orders or Gerry McCann, who asked a student friend of his to set it up.

Let's be realistic...if your child had gone 'missing', would you really be thinking about a bloody website?

Of course not, you'd be out knocking on every door, looking in every bush, DOING SOMETHING! Not setting up a website with an active paypal link for you to donate into GERRY MCCANNS PRIVATE COMPANY!

Remember, this isn't a trust fund.

This fund goes straight into a bank account owned by GERRY MCCANN, for him to do whatever he likes with.

A million quid, almost as cute as Madeleine herself.

So draw your own conclusions. I've laid down the evidence, you make your own mind up. But please, try to look past the completely biased media circus of the UK.

In my opinion, the McCanns are looking increasingly edgy in press conferences and interviews.

Gerry McCann is on the verge of breaking, next time he is on TV watch his body language, his refusal to look at the camera, his double blinking.

I just hope that the worlds biggest scam in decades will be blown apart soon.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll be saying 'I told you so'.