Saturday, May 21, 2011

'GOD' is the latest suspect in the McCann case!

Seriously, this actually happened.

Portugese police yesterday informed reporters that ‘God’ may be resposible for the disaperance of Madeleine McCann in 2007. God now joins the list of possible abductors, including Stevie Wonder and Jack the Ripper.

Madeleine went missing aged three on holiday in Portugal in May 2007, yet its taken the investigating department 4 years to reveal that god is on the list of suspects.

Police stated that they have taken the Pope into questi0nning on behalf of God, as to try and establish whether or not god played any part in the disappearance.

The questionning was initiated after the McCans, in an article published by ‘The Sun’ newspaper, called for the deity to be taken into custody despite the fact that over half the police force to do not believe in his existence.

“After initial investigating we realised it would be difficult to question someone who didn’t exist. To try and overcome this we began praying to the fictional god, then when we realised this was inefective we arrested the Pope.” Reporters were told by police chief, Barry.

The Pope furious with the accusation and in a brief statement to journalists he said, “abducting little girls is just something the church doesn’t do; it’s simply wrong.

“Boys on the other hand…”