Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gordon Brown and the IMF...UPDATE: Anger erupts. If Brown takes steps to become head of IMF, it is my belief Cameron will ask for the McCann case to be fully investigated.

The Dominique Strauss-Khan affair has been followed very closely by John Ward at The SLOG BLOG.

Gordon Brown mentioned he would like the position as head of IMF, he was warned by Cameron if he placed himself as a candidate he would block him. The position we are in at the moment....

France's Christine Lagarde is favourite, while a trailing Gordon Brown has failed to secure David Cameron's backing.

England cannot investigate  a crime that was committed in another country without an invitation. Cameron knows  full well Brown is deeply involved in the cover-up to the death of Madeleine McCann .

If Brown makes a move to become head of IMF Cameron will ask Portugal for an invitation and blow the McCann case wide open. Gordon Brown wants this job so badly he can taste it, will he call Camerons bluff ?

I'll bring you down with sleaze Gordon told BLAIR maybe CAMERON has now said the exact same words to Brown....

UPDATE: Anger erupts over Brown and IMF Job

Now read what John Ward had to say....

Normally I’d agree with you; in fact I’m usually very anti-conspiracy theories.
It’s not about DSK, it’s about his SUCCESSOR.

As you’ve probably noticed, the EU has been caught on the hop by this turn of events. Merkel was hoping to stitch up the Yanks with a nice pliable French or German candidate – especially as the IMF’s 3 biggest contracts are now EU debtors. Her preferred candidate was Christine Lagarde.

Strauss was a fervent ‘save the euro’ nutter, as are Merkel and Sarkozy. So is Lagarde.

But now Geithner is straight off and running with his ‘let’s get a replacement fast, oh and by the way there’s this bloke Brown’.

Brown is very pro-Yank and anti-euro…the worst possible nightmare for the eurocrats.

Penruddock, I hate crazy theories: but I am constantly suspicious when the facts don’t fit the description…see Bin Laden saga.

Sometimes, it’s as if Governments WANTED to get conspiracy theories going