Friday, July 22, 2011

The Nanny ?

Just a snippet from a post about the McCanns nanny here.

have often asked questions about this Nanny. All we know she is Canadian and she went back to Canada as her mother was ill. She was BOOKED to go to Portugal but let them down at the last minute (must have made the McCanns furious as they were hoping for lots of adult time!!). I would have thought that Team McCann would have been very happy for her to be interviewed by the world media with story of how wonderful Kate and Gerry were as parents etc. I am amazed this opportunity has been missed and find it very odd indeed that we have had total silence from her


Here is a bit from the article on timesonline in which a landlady from the Royal Oak pub speaks about their nanny. Old interesting article..........................................


Valerie Armstrong, landlady of Rothley’s Royal Oak pub, where the McCanns sometimes go for lunch or dinner, said: “They are lovely, gentle, caring people.” She said that they would let pnly their nanny or relatives babysit the children, and chose the Mark Warner resort precisely because they thought that it was safe.

Why have we never heard more about this nanny?