Saturday, July 23, 2011

#HACKGATE #McCanns work hand in glove to take the heat from #Murdochs troubles.

The ' sightings ' have begun' and sure enough 'Our Maddie' will once again become headline news taking away the great importance of HACKGATE. The McCanns owe the Murdoch Mafia a LOT, it is through them they have managed to 'clear' their name through the media and as they tour Australia telling the gullible folk about an abudction that has not one shred of evidence they are also removing HACKGATE from the front pages. 

Metodo 3 ,not PAID to search for Maddie but to fabricate stories , pass them on to Clarence Mitchell who in turn handed them to people like Rebekah Brooks of the SUN to boost sales. Rupert Murdoch who believes he is above the law had decided the McCanns were innocent and refused to publish anything from Portugal that did indeed cast a very serious doubt over the couples innocence.