Friday, July 1, 2011

Sue Healy asked to leave PDL, explaining her sourpuss face in this interview with Sky News...

Between 4th and 6th May 2007, friends and family started arriving in PdL:

4th May Susan and Brian Healy and Auntie Norah.
5th May Eileen, John McCann, Trish & Sandy Cameron, Michael Wright
6th May Kate’s friends, Nicki and Michelle

Also, on 6th May:
Alan Pike plants in McCanns’ minds the idea of reducing the size of their support group. Trish, Sandy, Michael Nicki would be asked to stay on,

This was raised with family earlier than anticipated – on the Sunday evening. Gerry had gone round to one of the family containing apartments, something was said that annoyed him. Gerry’s mum says to Susan Healy “ Well Sue – it looks as though we’re on the Granny Express home.”

 7th May
Lunchtime – Kate and Gerry in middle of another meeting, so no-one available to collect twins. Meeting interrupted while K&G collected twins and found someone to give them lunch.With a leaner support group, roles were allocated:

Trish and Nicki took over childcare; Sandy and Michael dealt with admin, mail and finances(!). Trish and Sandy stayed for 3 months.

Not only too busy to search, but too busy to look after the two remaining children