Thursday, July 14, 2011

Madeleine McCann- Levi Tarot

Madeleine Mcann

by preston
Was just wondering if Levi has in the past touched on this subject and if not... does he have any thoughts as to if she will be found, and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance?


I've edited this site for a time. Levi does have info but won't get involved in what he calls a media circus. The Mc Canns are a circus until the time is right to expose.

Levi Response. Back off WG - This is my fight.

I have responded to this pedophile BS in the past so I will update newcomers.

I have also challenged their legal eagles who can As in MC Cann try to sue me.

They have a fund worth millions. Problem is...

They cant access it unless its shown that the charity money is used in the correct way.

IE, spent searching for their daughter?

Now they fancy going holiday... Again?

To search for "Missing" daughter.

I tried to tell those investigators concerned at the time.

I told them through correct Police channels appealing for info.

My info was lost in translation because of influx of sudden "Psychics" and bar room geniuses giving "Their View" or Bullshit.

Dead End info!

Scotland Yard must have "MY" info by now.

Big deal. I told the investigators appealing for help to check out the Marina where Maddie was drugged laying inside the hatch of a boat under a canvas sail.

Strange. It was a few weeks later when they thought of checking the Marina after the boat was long gone.

There is more to the blood sucking Mc Canns than you would like to know.

That stands for the authorities also.

They know what they know. Classified! Why?

There are hundreds of children who "Disappear" every year.

Why should the Mc Canns get special treatment?

When other families cannot get a spread in a local paper or radio with a Plea?

I cannot say here in a public domain what I believe is the truth because that is the world we live in. A world where we must remain silent about certain things... To a point!

Mr Mc Cann? I can see through him like a pane of glass. Calculated Speaker. Hiding truth. Controlling his weak minded wife like a puppet.

Thats why she is barely allowed to speak on camera.

Because of the increasing legal burdens and theft of FREE SPEECH, I cannot tell you the truth out here in the public domain.

Although the PTB would like me to do so.

Entities are making a good living out the Maddie farce. They will not give it up.

I have more important things to deal with.

However I will tell it as it is in a future PB so I am legally protected.

The Mc Canns will sue anybody who dare challenges their bullshit story.

Sooner or later they will try the wrong person.

My name is Levi. Google "World Predictions" I am easy to find but not easy to get rid of once you have drawn first blood.

Meanwhile why dont we all concentrate on real issues instead of two entities who should have been banged up in jail years ago?

Mc Canns? Not even good liars.

That will be their downfall.

The good are coming to even the score with the bad...

Scared? You ought to be!