Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Topic : I Think her Mother Killed Her

think her mother has killed her

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  • Melissa
    What if Madeleine was caught doing something naughty in the Hotel room, as kids do... like, pulling her brother's hair or something.

    Kate McCann, in her public appeal, to me did not look very genuine. She looked hard-faced, and even cold. As she was saying 'please don't hurt her', her face held no emotion of begging of plea. I thinks he knew as she was saying this, that none of it is happeneing anyway, because she knows what has happened to Maddie. She is already dead. Also, usually body language readers ask to have suspects make a 'plea' to the world, because they can tell a publicity stunt from the real thing. They're used too analyse how they speak, look and what they say.
    And quite frankly, I think they knew she didn't mean any of what she was saying, too.

    Maybe her mother hit her out of rage, but she hit her head hard against the wall. Kate panicked, and covered it up.

    What do you's all think?
    over a year ago

  • Zombiedolly
    Indeed,people keep saying that they are drs and pillars of the comunity lol,what about fucking Harold Shipman!!he was a GP was he not
    over a year ago

  • Dave
    i think so too. perhaps accidently, but still so. and her father knows about it too. (as well as all there friends probably).
    thankfully now they are going down for the neglect, but hopefully soon they will be found out and will BOTH go down for manslaughter.
    over a year ago

  • Raymond
    I have a 10 year old. I never leave her alone in the house & if i do, i bust my lungs running to the shop and back!! Nobody is perfect but 10 is old enough not to burn the house down in the 2 panicked mins it takes me to get to shop & back. I could NEVER go out to dinner & leave her alone!!
    So, as Dr.s, when is the only time you can rely on those in your care not getting up & walking about???? Sedated is when!!! I RECKON THEY SEDATED THEIR KIDS. Its the only way they would feel comfortable enough to go out & eat. The eldest OD'd & they covered it up to save their careers & the future if the other two kids. They would both loose their practice if it came out.
    There are perverse groups that admire this kind of calculated coldness & it is where i believe the OJ'esc support from press comes. That is what i reckon has happened!!!
    over a year ago

  • Timothy
    Occam's Razor states the most obvious solution to a problem is usually the correct one.

    Everything points to one solution.

    Below is an extract from the conclusions of the prosecutor, Jose Magalhaes e Meneses:

    'while referring to the McCanns "carelessness" in leaving their children alone, I see no evidence of wilful neglect. As for other possible crimes, while there is a "high degree of probability" of homicide, hard evidence is lacking.'

    How people, including the McCanns' themselves, interpret this as a blazing sign of their innocence really confuses me.

    They got away with it. Why don't they disappear and count themselves lucky.

    Instead, we have to tollerate them somehow becoming the voices of child protection - going before the European Parliment to call for a European-wide missing child alert system. Being preached to about child safety by the McCanns. Funny.
    over a year ago

  • Ronald
    I suspect so too... Anyway.. If Madeleine against all odds is found, I think it would be inappropiate to return her to her parents. What cunts!
    over a year ago

  • Willy
    I don't believe Kate did it, I think it's Gerry - but she's definitely involved though. I think she knows the truth, and she's trying to cover it up for him. That's maybe one of the main reasons why she always looks so cold and nervous. They're both pretty bad actors.. Oh, wait.. Actually they're not. The truth will come for a day, and justice will be served!
    over a year ago

  • Darren
    The problem is madeleines parents, so called parents know people in high places and are protected, just goes to show its not what you know its who you know. There guilty! i think everyone is beginning to see the truth now. Whenever someone gets near the truth they set there lawyer on to them. I think it was both of them that killed her maybe they took in turns giving her the medication to make her go to sleep, either way they must have known what was going on.
    over a year ago