Friday, November 18, 2011

#McCann :Madeleine: DNA 'evidence' in a bin bag

The rubbish bag is interesting as Kate mentioned ' a black bag '  in her book, a witness she claims saw her and McCann acting suspiciously with a black bag !...NOW, this is not in the files and no one knows what Kate is talking about ! so it could be that the McCanns saw someone while they were moving a black bag but this 'witness' lucky for them did not report it .

Yes , great shame the police did not get to search the house in Rothley as I too believe the answer sits right on a mantle shelf as to the whereabouts of Maddie McCann !

Last updated at 09:35 20 September 2007

DNA 'evidence' in the case against the McCanns could have come from leaking rubbish bags, it was claimed last night.

Friends of the couple say they routinely used their hired Renault Scenic to ferry bin bags from their home to the rubbish collection point.

One friend said bags could easily have split, spilling fluids from nappies or waste food into the car.

Portuguese police claim to have found 'bodily fluids' containing Madeleine's DNA in the vehicle.

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The friend said: "When the McCanns got to their villa there were not any proper dustbins there and they had to take the household waste to a communal disposal area.

"The site was about half a mile away and the McCanns drove the rubbish in the car.

"The vehicle was used as a rubbish lorry for the family, so there could potentially have been contamination from the bags.

"Who's to say that the nappy bag didn't leak and leave the twins' DNA somewhere?"

The evidence of bodily fluids in the Renault constitutes a key plank of the Portuguese case against the McCanns.
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Madeleine McCann Madeleine McCann just hours before she went missing on 3 May
Meanwhile Portuguese detectives have taken a step closer to being able to search the McCann family home.

Policia Judiciaria detectives believe something inside the Leicestershire house could yield a vital clue and have sought approval from the judge in the case to ask British officers to carry out the raid.

Yesterday Judge Pedro Miguel dos Anjos Frias agreed to the request.

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