Sunday, August 7, 2011

McCanns fabricated HOAX

Thursday 04 August 2011
Anne Carrigan
"This fake story will give the Indian police a bad name....we will be perceived as inefficient, when in the fact the first we heard about this story was when we read the fictitious account in the Tribune. I mean, where are the PHOTOGRAPHS to corroborate this story? There are none, because it was all made up. No child believed to be Madeleine McCann was ever seen in Leh, no one was taken into custody, no photographs were taken, no one was contacted in England. The entire episode was a hoax. Why Mr Singh wrote the story, or if he was paid to do so, and by whom, I do not know." Sanjay Guptil, Leh Police 
Webmaster, Kate and Gerry can you PLEASE FIND OUT ABOUT THIS!
2 hours ago

Anne Carrigan Please let us know about the DNA tests, Clarence Mitchell said you are liasing with the Indian police, I hope the DNA tests come back positive xx
2 hours ago

Brown Sarah
 Surely the person who wrote the article in the newspaper is the one to question, not Madeleine's family.
about an hour ago ·
Anne Carrigan
Absolute, I agree Sarah! there are so may hoaxers out there I just dont understand where the photo came from that kte and Gerry checked. Was this a hoax to? Why did Clarence Mitchell say they were liaising. The whole thing is confusing.
57 minutes ago
Anne Carrigan
Looks like the person who wrote the story is a Mr. Singh. Did he contact Kate and Gerry or Clarence Mitchell pretending to be the police?.
minutes ago
Jacci Freimond Rudling
Anne gonna give you the benefit of the doubt, have re read your further questions, seems i was over zealous. if so, sorry!
37 minutes ago ·

Lee-Anne Hosford
This is posted under the rumours post by webmaster: @Liam & Mirlian, we have not heard of any DNA testing being done. Gerry and Kate looked at a picture of the child and it is not Madeleine. Remember, Madeleine has a mark in her right eye that runs through the iris. It would be very easy to see this in a picture
34 minutes ago.

Anne Carrigan
Jacci, I pray constantly for the sweet baby. I don't know what you said as you posted nothing. Please don't be sorry, we're all here for the same cause x
24 minutes ago

Anne Carrigan Lee-Anne, Clarence Mitchell did say they were liasing with the authorities concerning DNA. He also said that Kate and Gerry were sure it wasn't Madeleine (I agree her eye is very striking). However the police chief said this didn't happen at all. No photo, I just hope that someone was not pretending to be the police or the authorities. This is Madeleine's life they're playing with!!!!!!