Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is Kate McCann a female Harold Shipman ?

Pure libel but then how many people have the McCanns duped with their folklore?

Even though all the evidence gathered by the Portuguese police is overwhelmingly circumstantial, and will almost certainly never be enough to secure conviction in a court of law, Kate McCann is so obviously and totally guilty.

Despite the efforts of their establishment-backed PR team to spin the case details; and the xenophobic British media (the Times almost behaving like a McCann in-house magazine), daring to print shameless and groundless accusations of Portuguese police incompetence, the McCanns’ arguida status remains.

The British press have been full of xenophobic propaganda from this medical Lady McBeth (or should that be Lady McCann – she probably will be by the New Year honours list!!!) and her establishment cronies from day one, printing scurrilous stories such as Portuguese police beating confessions from a suspect on the last occasion a young child went missing in the Algarve (only fifteen miles from where Maddie disappeared). Accusations from British police that the Portuguese carelessly allowed for the crime scene to be contaminated is just colonial nonsense, and an example of white imperialists attempting to impose their cultural practices on others.

It’s about time the British press stopped colluding with the top brass in the Metropolitan police and better exposed the Met’s corrupt and incompetent activities. Does an institution notorious for such failures as Stephen Lawrence, Jean Charles de Menezes and Jack the Ripper (120 years on and they still have totally not identified the killer!!!) merit the coverage instead of the plucky (and indigenous) Pol√≠cia Judici√°ria?

The McCanns’ claims of Maddie being abducted are about as believable as a mother claiming a dingo took her baby!!!

The McCanns will always be dead guilty, even if they evade justice with their Branson-financed briefs. But what other crimes could Killer Kate be guilty of? Where are the calls for a public inquiry into her record as a GP? After the police dogs caught the scent of death from her, who knows how many other medical mishaps this woman could be responsible for? If the McCanns can be considered suspects in the death of Maddie, who’s to say they couldn’t have killed before!!! Both McCann and Shipman were paid-up BMA members, this connection between the two so obviously meaning something totally sinister.

The lack of an immediate public enquiry is so obviously a total cover up by the establishment, dead keen to avoid another Shipman-esque scandal of bourgeois, professional decadence. Smear tactics, press leaks, calls for hapless police members to be removed from their duties and political interference in judicial matters – it could only happen in ‘democratic’ Britain!!!