Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stephen Birch : Claims Posting On Jill Havern Forum.

Stephen Birch wrote:Good evening to everyone. I hope that you all well, and that am able to shed some light on the questions that you have posted. I,ve decided to come onto this blog and inform you as to the status of the investigation. I want to state that the sole objective of this investigation is to find MADELEINE MC CANN, and to bring closure to this case for millions of people. I want to further state, that no one person owns the right to the investigation, and if it had not been for the Portuguese Police making information about the case available to the public, I would not have been able to work on this case. I,ve stated from the onset that finding MADELEINE MC CANN will narrow the investigation, and assist the Portuguese Police into solving this case. The Portuguese Police in my opinion did an excellent job under very difficult circumstances. It's not easy to conduct an investigation when language, long distances and international sitings extend the scope of works.

I familiarized myself with information provided by the Portuguese Police. I read over 12 000 pages, often walking out of my office to a rising sun. From the begining I decided to create a hypothesis, I had limited resources and limited time, so I created a hypothesis that MADELEINE died on the 3rd MAY 2007 and was buried in Praia da luz on that same evening. Anything outside that hypothesis, would create to many permatations, and I would not be able to solve the case. Given my hypothesis and the limiting of permatations, time became a critical component of the investigation. Every minute became inportant.My favourite imaginery character Sherlock Homes once said, and I quote,"if you are able to take the impossible out of the equation, the rest is academic. Inorder to do that, you must have extreme attention to detail, which I believe I have.

I am going to answer a couple of questions, obviously I cannot deal with all of them. Here goes. Well how did I get into the yard with the big dogs??? Well at night one large dog is kept in the front of the property, while all 3 other dogs sleep inside the house with Mrs Jenny Murat.That's only on cold nights. On warm nights, the dogs circulate, hence I only went in on cold windy nights.Wind played a pivotable role and I had to wait for a northerly wind to blow before entering the property.(in otherwords I was down wind of the big dog) Why did I not dig?? Well actually I really did try to dig. On my fourth entrance into the property, I went in only with a spade to dig, and after I moved the top layer of stones away with my hands, encountered a hard sticky tarr layers. I tried to dig through it, but the noise was to loud, and so I gave up. Remember it was 5am in the morning, and the sound of a spade slamming into hard tarr travels. Why did I choose that location to search?? Well can I be granted the right to hold over on that question, you see, inorder to answer that question, I need to start accusing people other than the Murat family, and I don't want to do that before we recover MADELEINE. With regard to the British press, I am deeply dissapointed that they did not cover the story, even thou the rest of the world thought it important. Lastly I am now liasing with the Portuguese Police and am waiting for a response. I hope that we can all stay focussed, that sanity can prevail, and we can establish one way or another whether MADELEINE MC CANN is buried underneath the rear pebble driveway of CASA LILLIANA. Keep well Stephen Birch