Sunday, April 22, 2012

#McCann #Panorama - Comments As We Approach The Fifth Anniversary Of Madeleine's Death

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      I am looking forward to this. I only pray that it will be based on FACTS. And not McCann 'spin'. Will you be showing footage of the dogs? If not, why not? If this turns out to be yet another propaganda exercise by Clarence Mitchell I will never forgive Panorama. I will never take you seriously again. Is it even ethical to have any input from the detective in charge? Could it compromise any upcoming legal action? Will we get any closer to the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth? I await with growing anticipation. I like Bilton.
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      So far the BBC has only followed the McCann couples' version of what happened on 3.5.07 so I don't expect this to be any different sadly. Perhaps they could mention that Kate & Gerry didn't physically search that night but still found time to selectively delete calls from their mobile phones. I agree The Slave if panorama doesn't refer to the excellent EVRD dogs and their alerts ONLY on the McCanns' property (no where else) and now they should include the conviction of Susanne Pilley's murderer, a case which RELIED on EVRD dog evidence.
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      What a pathetic comment.
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      Before you dismiss my comment I suggest you read the police files. Especially the 'Rogatory ' Interviews. I have. A twelve year old could work out that some massive porkies have been told.
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      And your comment is...what?
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      I really hope this is the beginning of establishing the truth, not just the press reiterating what the Mccanns say, after all their version of events has been proven to be at best inconsistent. The dogs, the neglect, the different versions of stories from all the Tapas group, the hire car, the running off back to the UK, the failure to answer 40 key police questions - I could go on.
      If she WAS abducted surely the best way to establish that would begin with obtaining the TRUTH from those that were looking after her and involved in the situation. If Panorama fail to show these facts then they will be a laughing stock - many of us out here in the UK have well researched the background and facts of the case so far...If my child was missing I would be providing as much reliable information as I could as to her last movements, the circumstances in which she came to be missing and helping the police in any way I could, not setting up a magical mystery fund, getting t-shirts and wrist bands printed and meeting the pope.
      If I left my car unlocked and my handbag sat on the seat and someone stole it - I would not be covered by my insurance due to not giving my handbag due care and attention, i know the risks so wouldn't do it... just saying.
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      Will we or will we not get to find out how any redblooded male could fail to remember that the fragrant Ms.Healy was wearing only a towel when he popped in?
      I would..and I'm female.
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      Let us hope that Panorama will examine the facts...the dogs' alerts , the inconsistencies in the Tapas7 statements, Hope this is not another pro McCann whitewashing affair. The public need to know the truth. What really happened this little girl in PDL?
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      I wonder if they will mention the time and money being spent by the Mccanns suing people who have spoekn out againt them , those who feel the Mccanns are not telling the truth?. An inquest into the Mccann `fighting` fund itself would prove very interesting, seeing as it was the public who paid into it?. But then if the UK police are doing the job right im sure they have already done this? and im sure they will be helping the PJ to get hold of the Medical records and Credit card details that the Mccann would not supply? and will Panarama ask why the McCann wont freely hand over this information?. Ask why did they take the time in the first day to delete calls and texts?. Why they claimed one minute that the twins where drugged by an abductor but wouldnt let anyone test them afterwards to make sure they ok?.

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A child vanishes under mysterious circumstances
The closest people to her at the time cannot give an accurate account of the circumstances surrounding her disappearance
Two of the worlds best trained dogs are brought in and detect remains of a cadaver in places and on items only belonging to the closest people connected to the missing child
The findings of the DNA results don’t appear to have been interpreted in the context of other evidence in the case
Inconsistencies in the statements of those closest to the victim are evident for all to see and have never been cleared up
One of the parents refuses to answer questions regarding the circumstances surrounding their own daughters disappearance
The parents of the victim are made prime suspects and leave country in a blink of an eye
The group involved refuse to cooperate with a request to return to do a reconstruction
The parents launch a campaign to bring down anyone who publically questions their version of events
Anyone care to fill in the blanks ?

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    The hypothesis of an abduction as supported by the McCann’s does not rationalise the evidence that is in the original police files.
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    with regards to the last Panorama programme on the Mccanns, the PJ has not changed its opinion on where the truth lies, has Panorama changed its view?, or are they going to delivery another sympathetic Mccannogramme disguised as hard hitting review of facts?. The last presenter did not stay objective in my opinion. The Police forces didnt coem to their conclusions lightly! or without very good reason. The last programme tried to make out the PJ turned suddenly on the mccanns in a one of interview just because Kate was alone at the time. Present the facts, not misrepresemt them to fit your own agenda. There is not ` Tenious` about the case against them, bu tonly they can help clear this up, one way or another! willingly or unwillingly as the case may be. ALso interested to see if the Police inspector is going to try and tell us that they are seriously stil looking into abduction scenarios?...
    two theories from Panorama alst time. THe Abduction one can be easily discounted with a bit of research, that leaves one theory guys?
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    Let's hope we don't hear the word 'abduction' except when referring to the McCann's version of Madeleine's disappearance.
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    Remember, Panorama, 'You can fool some of the people all of the time and you call fool all of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.'
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    It will be interesting to see how a Scotland Yard inspecter can comment impartially on a case that has not been resolved. He obviously cannot show any bias for or against the parents` stories.
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    Please, Panorama, have regard to your reputation. If this programme is to be more recycled McCann/Mitchell propaganda, pull it from the schedule now. There are too many of us who have read the PJ files, despaired at the constant litigation, laughed ourselves sick at Clarencce Mitchell's pretendy press conferences, and wondered why on earth this little British citizen doesn't merit a proper investigation into her fate, starting with some intensive questioning of the adults on whose care she was relying.
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    Excellent Dulcibelle. I do so hope somebody form the BBC is listening, The majority of viewers are in the category you describe so succinctly.
    Not expecting too much though. I am too used to being let down to get my hopes up..
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    Will there be an apology from the BBC to the ex-lead Investigator, Dr Amaral, for bleeping out his speech? It was clear that he was not using profanity, BBC East Mids were well aware of what he actually said ("Speak to the McCanns") yet they tried to discredit him anyway. I do hope that this latest Panorama is not yet another propaganda piece to promote an "abduction" without one shred of evidence.
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    the comments below speak for themselves.
    do not let madeleine down again and screen another fictional story.
    tell the truth, report what is in those police files.