Wednesday, February 1, 2012

David Payne's Rogatory Statement:

1485 "Yeah.”

00:04:36 Reply "Err sleeveless, err I, I keep thinking he’s got white trousers err shorts sorry, but I can’t remember.”

1485 "What about a kit bag? Would they have a kit bag with them?”
Reply "Err he certainly didn’t have a great big tennis bag or a, you know, err I mean I used to be a squash, a semi-professional squash player and you know they certainly didn’t have anything that I would call a kit bag from days when I played…”

1485 "Yeah.”

Reply "You know, a lot of sport, err if they had a rucksack with some water in that would be, you know, about as big as it got, you know a small rucksack.

But it certainly wasn’t a big tennis, you know, things that you could put a tennis racquet in.”

1485 "Yeah.”

Reply "There was nothing of that size that
you could hide a, a tennis racquet in or anything like that, it would have been just purely, if they had anything…”

1485 "Yeah.”

Reply "It would have been something that had their water in.”

1485 "So as opposed to a bag it’d be something like a rucksack, if at all?”

Reply "If, if at all, yeah.”

Note: the words BIG and HIDE....

Reply "Err I mean again I think Gerry had a white, a white top err I think he had a, you know, like a polo shirt.”