Friday, January 28, 2011

Gerry McCann in America | The Sun |News|Multimedia|PA Videos

24 Jul 2007 ... Gerry McCann is in the US for a four-day fact-finding visit with the ... He will meet a senior member of first lady Laura Bush's staff as ...

  • Madeleine's father quizzed over decision to leave her on her own ...

    25 Jul 2007 ... Gerry visited the White House on Tuesday to meet with senior staff of First Lady Laura Bush. Madeleine McCann has been missing since May 3 ...

  • McCanns help launch new missing persons website | Mail Online

    10 Aug 2007 ... A video featuring a series of photographs of Madeleine ... html

  • Gerry's USA Trip

    The father of missing Madeleine McCann is flying to Washington where he may meet First Lady Laura Bush. Gerry McCann will visit the US to talk to American ... - Cached

  • Hawkeye1's GLOSSARY of the Madeleine McCann case : Reference ...

    10 Oct 2009 ... Armstrong, Sarah = Deputy Chief of Staff to First Lady Laura Bush; met with Gerry McCann on his visit to the White House ... - Cached

  • Why Madeleine Vanished ? on Myspace

    KATE and Gerry McCann have been blamed for the disappearance of their daughter Ma (view .... The First Lady, Laura Bush, gets involved; delivering a creepy, ... - Cached

  • Sombre Service to Mark 100 Days Since Madeleine Disappeared

    10 Aug 2007 ... Kate and Gerry McCann will today mark 100 days since their daughter ... In a message of support, the American first lady Laura Bush said: ... - Cached

  • The McCann Lobby: Who's Outside The Box? A Glossary of Characters

    9 Oct 2008 ... Gerry McCann 'Fact Finding Missions' June/July 2007. ..... Patrons include Laura Bush and Cherie Blair. described as a 'friend' the McCanns ... - Cached - Similar

  • McCanns' merciless trial by media | The Australian

    15 Sep 2007 ... Over the past six weeks, Kate and Gerry McCann, both 39-year-old ... and US first lady Laura Bush all met the McCanns after Madeleine ...